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Requirement of Serial Numbers on Guns Violates 2A. US v. Price, by Judge Joseph R. Goodwin (S.D. W. Va.)

Firearms Iinstuctor

Regular Member
Jul 12, 2011
northern wis
I think serial numbers are a good idea for valuable items subject to theft.

I don't think it is really any of the governments business.

Except if one reports the item as stolen.

Many states have anti serial number tampering laws for the very reason criminals remove them to coverup their stealing.

American Patriot

Regular Member
Mar 5, 2009
, ,
Serial numbers are great for product liability... With mass production today in every product imaginable even from foreign countries there must be a surefire way to trace a prtoduct that fails otherswise there is no product warranty or liability that cn be successfuly litigated.

Scary Guy

New member
Jun 22, 2022
Detroit, MI
Serial numbers are great. What isn't is having to report them to some central authority. There is no reason for that nonsense at all other than to punish people for failing to do so, and to confiscate them if they feel like it.

"Oh, I just bought a microwave, I better register this with the government!"