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Project 94


Regular Member
Apr 22, 2011
Aurora, Colorado
Howdy Folks!
Here are the essentials of Project 94.

The purpose of Project 94 is to remind elected officials at all levels of government; from city and county, to the state legislature and governor, to our U.S. representatives in congress and the senate, along with our president, that we will not abide any new infringement of our inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Any such attempt to curtail those rights will be grounds to remove them from office at the very next opportunity as happened in 1994.

A: The Congress of the United States passed, and the President of the United States signed into law a piece of legislation with the misnomer "Assault Weapons Ban" of 1994. It was a subset of the larger bill entitled: Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994

B: The response to that violation of our 2nd Amendment Rights came as a grass-roots backlash movement that resulted in the ouster from office of nearly all supporters who voted in favor of a that new gun control legislation. They were cast out of office in record numbers at the 1994 elections, the power shifted from Democrat to Republican majority control of both houses of Congress.

C: When Al Gore ran for the Presidency of the United States, he lost; and his support of the AWB in 1994 is likely a significant reason he failed in his bid for the highest office in our land.

D: 1994 witnessed the wholesale purge of elected representatives who supported passage of AWB passed in that same year. The number of seats to change hands in 1994, directly as a result of the so called Assault Weapons Ban was devastating to Democrats. 54 seats in the House of Representatives and 8 in the Senate changed hands from Democratic to Republican. What happened in 1994 was nothing short of a purge.

E: As Democrats once again stump for tighter gun control over law abiding citizens, they need to be reminded that what happened in 1994 can happen again. If they dare to undermine the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, they’ll face another 1994 that will prove even more devastating to their party. That is the purpose of Project 94!

Influencing factors:
A: The majority of shooting incidents happen in such places as U.S. Post Offices, Columbine, Virginia Tech, et al; precisely because guns were prohibited (i.e. Gun Free Zones). There could be little or no resistance to the shooter presented with an existing victim pool unable to resist the murderous intent of a madman because they were denied the tools for lawful self-defense. They were unarmed and unable to save their own lives.

B: Politicians will seize an opportunity amid tragedy in a blatant attempt to politicize their agenda and strive to undermine the right of every American to the means of lawful self-defense.

C: The main stream media will salivate at the blood shed by incidents such as Columbine and the Aurora Theater incident as they flood the airwaves with coverage of such tragic events; seizing the opportunity to drive ratings through a biased opinion as pertain to gun control issues. Rather than report the facts of an incident, they editorialize.

D: Governments at all levels have abdicated their responsibility in maintaining order and keeping the peace. They point fingers at law abiding gun owners and suggest greater control of firearms can be the only answer. They do all that is within their power to shift blame away from government itself. Their policies, past and present, have a direct bearing on violence in our society. Institutions for the care of the mentally ill have nearly all closed because of lack of funding. Governments warned of a “clear and present danger” to society seldom act to prevent tragedies such as have taken place in shooting incidents across this nation. In military terms, they are guilty of “Dereliction of Duty” because of their inaction when dangers are well known but not dealt with accordingly.

E: Psychoactive drugs seem to be involved in nearly all shooting incidents resulting in mass casualty. Prozac being a prime example and were prescribed to both the Columbine shooters. Yet there are no calls for “Drug control regulation”.

The news media across the nation focus on shooting incidents with multiple victims, but seldom report such incidents that were aborted because the criminal shooter was countered by a law abiding citizen carrier.

In Pearl Mississippi, an assistant principal ran half a mile round trip to his vehicle when shots broke out at Pearl High School. He countered the shooter and stopped his rampage with few fatalities. He held the shooter for 11 minutes until police arrived. He saved lives that day, but was threatened with federal charges for violation of the Gun Free School Zone Act.

In Clackamas Oregon, an active shooter who killed 2 victims was countered by a law abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit. Aware that a citizen had him in his sights, the shooter took his own life.

At New Life Church in Colorado Springs, a murderer was stopped before he could reach hundreds of worshippers in the sanctuary when confronted by armed security personnel that fired upon him, stopping him in the foyer. The wounded murderer took his own life.
In Aurora Colorado a convicted felon released from prison went to a local church and killed a woman in the parking lot before being shot dead by an off duty police officer who returned fire upon the gunman.

These stories and hundreds of others do not receive the sort of attention from main stream media because their reportage is biased. Shooting incidents are preferred so they may be exploited by gun control advocates who politicize them to further their agenda. Government officials deflect blame onto the guns used rather than the criminals that wield them. They do not acknowledge that they are guilty of dereliction of duty when they know of specific individuals who pose an imminent threat to the community. They fail to protect, they fail to safeguard, and that is dereliction of duty. As additional evidence of dereliction of duty,
The cry from those who are opposed to our right as law abiding citizens to carry the means of lawful self defense has been “More guns is not the answer!” Yet, when a shooting incident erupts, who do they call upon to stop the rampage? They call the police, knowing they have guns to take down the lawless shooter. If more guns isn’t the answer, why call upon the folks with guns to stop an attack?

Churches across America have been the target of many attacks in recent years. Those attacks have tapered off to nearly zero because churches have embraced the need for worshippers to be lawfully armed for self-defense, and the defense of their fellow worshippers.

Project 94 Action Plan!
A: Write physical letters to all your representatives. Starting with your city mayor, your city council members, your state representatives, your governor, your U.S. Representative and Senators and tell them that you will not abide any further infringement of your right to lawful self-defense as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. Let them know that any such attempt to create new restrictions of our liberty will be met with another purge, more potent and damaging than the one in 1994. When writing letters to such politicians, make certain the use of the number 94 is displayed throughout.

B: Write to media organizations; newspapers, broadcast facilities, and call them out on biased reportage. Let them know you resent hearing only the tragic consequences that result from gun free zones where victims have no means of lawful defense, and their lack of reporting on instances where lawfully armed citizens stopped a shooting incident and saved lives in the process! When speaking with media, or writing to them, make sure to throw the number 94 out there as often as reasonable.

C: Proudly display the number 94 everywhere you can think of. Put a big “94” on your webpage. Wear tee shirts and sports jerseys with the number 94 emblazoned on it, front and back. Put a 94 sticker on your car. Put up yard signs with the number 94 on it. Make it impossible for any elected official to travel anywhere without seeing 94 everywhere they look. Remind them that we drove out gun control zealots in 1994 in the most dramatic purge of elected officials in the history of our nation. Make certain they realize that we intend to exact a similar purge, and even greater than happened in 94, if they fail to heed our warning.

D: Join an uncompromising gun rights organization, such as the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners or the Gun Owners of America.

E: If possible, make a donation to a gun rights advocacy group of $94 dollars to help defeat proposed gun control legislation

F: Share the concept of Project 94 with others who love their liberty and respect the 2nd Amendment.

G: Contact 94 other citizens personally to enlist them in the effort to counter gun control hysteria.

Those who seek to usurp our 2nd Amendment rights are cohesive and focused. We must be equally focused and put aside differences. We must marshal our forces to work with unity. Forget about whether another gun owner is liberal or conservative. Nevermind that his religion may be different from yours. Forget about who is right or wrong… team up and work together on the one thing where we agree…. That we have the right to keep and bear arms, and that right is not to be infringed. If we cannot work together, united in purpose with irrelevant factors set aside in favor of cohesion.

George Armstrong Custer lost his command because he split his forces into three columns. He sent Major Benteen far to the south, where no natives were to be found. He dispatched Major Reno to attack the south end of the village. He then took 5 companies of the 7th cavalry to their doom as he attacked the village from the north. Custer died, along with more than 270 of his men, because he split his forces into smaller units that were easily countered individually. His own defeat came because he failed to appreciate that a battle is won when you keep your forces focused on the same objective.

We can ill-afford to quibble over petty squabbles. We must present a united front if we are to keep our 2nd Amendment rights. We must set aside differences of ideology in favor of cohesion. And it starts where the threat is greatest to Coloradoans… at the state capitol in Denver. Our governor has already drawn a line in the sand. The battle has begun, and we must mobilize together.

Project 94 urges everyone to display the number 94 everywhere imaginable. Show them we won’t be tread upon. Stand up, face them squarely in the eye, and tell them… “This is our nation, and you can’t take it from us! These are our rights, inalienable, and you can’t strip us of them!”

Since the tragic events in Connecticut, more than 8,000 new members join the NRA each and every day. Just think of the power we could wield if each one donated $94 dollars to defeat the frenzied drive toward gun control! That would produce more than 22 million dollars in 30 days, which is what Obama said he wanted gun control measures submitted for his consideration. Multiply 22 million dollars times 12 months, and we could change the course of an election. In two years until the next midterm election, a war chest could be established that would send a deafening clarion call to those who might consider voting to support new gun control regulation. It would be the message they most fear….

What happened in 94 will happen again, only this time around,… it will be far worse for those that vote to usurp our rights!

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