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OC Outing, Colorado Springs and beyond!


Regular Member
Apr 22, 2011
Aurora, Colorado
Howdy Folks!
Yesterday the wife wanted to go to Colorado Springs. Terrific, I thought. We'll just do that little trip and then head west.
I've been searching for the original site of Tarryall. I've learned the current location by that name was originally called Puma City, and the original site of Tarryall is up near Como. That's entirely another thread.

So we head south, and stopped at several locations along the way. First it was Burger King at Chambers and I-70. Wifey wanted breakfast, and I needed gas. So we went inside the Burger King, and got some breakfasty sort of fare for the trip. Didn't get gas though, figuring I had enough in the Jeep for the trip down to the Springs.
Nobody seemed concerned about my XDM-40 holstered on my right hip.

We drove down to Monument, and the coffee I'd rented needed released back to the wild, and I was completely unsatisfied with my earlier fare, so I stopped at a McDonalds in Monument to get a burger for me and some chicken nuggets for Gator. Used the mens, then grabbed my food items and back to the car. Nobody at McD's showed any alarm over my sidearm either. Before leaving Monument, we noticed there is now a gun store there. We decided to drop in and check it out. I noticed a vehicle with advertising on it showing it was owned by the gun shop. We parked the Jeep and as I was getting out, I noticed a sign on the door that said "All firearms entering this store must be unloaded with the action open." I walked back to the Jeep and told the wife we were not going in after all. We drove back to that vehicle I noticed earlier, and I called the number displayed on the back windshield.

"I was about to visit your shop when I noticed your sign on the door and find it odd that you'd post one contrary to the spirit of the 2nd amendment when I have am a law abiding citizen with a properly holstered firearm."
"You may have misunderstood our sign." The man on the phone replied. "We ask that guns brought in for consignment or repair be unloaded and the action opened so there won't be an accident. We don't want a gunsmith shot because of any mishap. You are certainly welcome here!"
"Well then, we'll be right in!" I responded, feeling relieved. (mostly because I'd used the men's at McDonals!)

Parking the Jeep in the same spot as before, we walked into the shop and the gentleman I'd spoken with on the phone smiled broadly and shook my hand as he introduced himself. "Glad you decided to return" he said.
"Well, the sign does say 'ALL' firearms. I figured that included this one" I pointed to my XDM.
"Yeah, we're getting a new sign made, but don't have it yet."

So we commenced to shopping. I bought a box of ZOMBI ammunition, more for the novelty of it than a need for cartridges. My wife found a concealed carry purse that she fancied, and I asked about new sights for my .40 XDm. The ones I fancied are backordered, so he took down my name and I'm on the list when they become available.
Anyhow.... we enjoyed our visit and left to continue our trip.

We hit the Springs, and I dropped the wife at Russell Stover's store, and went over to Timberline tobacconist to get a half pound of my favorite blend and a new pipe. I'd lost one during an arrest when I left it on the roof of my Jeep and forgot about it in all the excitment of the arrest. It fell off somewhere between Lakewood and Adams County detention center. Nobody at the tobacco shop ran running for their lives either, so I went and collected my wife with her newly acquired chocolate fix goodies from Stovers.

Out on Garden of the Gods road, heading west, we stopped for gas. Wife went inside and I noticed a man at a neighboring pump checking me out closely. He was the only one that manifested some degree of concern. I could read it in his face. He said nothing, but kept looking at me real regular like. After gassing up the Jeep, I headed inside and got some munchies. Wife and I got our stuff, nobody inside manifesting alarm, and back out to the Jeep. The guy out there still checking me out.

Made a couple of stops at Garden of the Gods park, took a couple of photos, and nobody seemed concerned about my sidearm. We left the springs and drove west on highway 24 to Lake George and turned north toward Tarryall (the newer one once known as Puma City.) Drove through Jefferson to highway 285 and west some half dozen miles to the Boreas pass road, and north into Como. I stopped at a gallery there to ask information about the original site of Tarryall and Hamilton. Those two towns sat across from each other on opposite sides of Tarryall Creek. Now I knew I was in the right general vicinity, but getting there will require a hike of several miles to reach it. That'll need to wait another day.

We drove home over Kenosha pass, and stopped at the Kenosha Cafe. I'd seen it after the Webster Pass OC Jeep ride, and thought it looked inviting. So we stopped and ate there, and wow, was the food terrific. Nobody, not staff nor other customers, seemed to notice my sidearm either.

From thence we drove home to Aurora, and a marvelous OC outing in our beautiful state.

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Regular Member
Jul 9, 2011
Colorado Springs
Glad to see another OCer dropped into my neck of the woods. The owner of the gun shop is very friendly, I ran into him while OCing once. I do like how they OC in their store, but I am super jealous of the pearl-gripped 1911 one of them carries! And that Les Baer speed-gun tempts me every time I'm there. Next time you're in Monument, check out the Coffee Cup Cafe, they have great biscuits and gravy. Your expensive hat will fit right in, but you might need to swap out that XDM for a Uberti!