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Winchester, Browning, & Herter’s 9mm Luger 115 grain FMJ & 115 grain JHP Recall


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Winchester has initiated a voluntary recall of 9mm Luger 115 grain Full Metal Jacket & 115 grain
Jacketed Hollow Point. The following Winchester symbols and date codes are covered by this recall:

Symbols: Q4172, RED9, USA9JHP, USA9MMVP, USA9W, WW9B

Winchester has determined the above lots of 9mm Luger 115 FMJ and JHP ammunition may contain
propellant that does not properly ignite and burn when the cartridge is fired. Ammunition containing
propellant that does not properly ignite and burn may result in a bullet remaining in the barrel (i.e., a
bullet-in-bore obstruction). Firing a subsequent bullet into the bore obstruction could cause firearm
damage, rendering the firearm inoperable and subjecting the shooter and bystanders to a risk of serious
personal injury.

[see cite for lot numbers]

additional information: