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Tactical Defensive Handgun (2) Course January 18, 2015, in Freeman, MO

Jan 9, 2015
Fredericksburg, Va / Freeman, MO
Tactical Defensive Handgun (2) Course January 18, 2015, in Freeman, MO

CCJA & Gear Zone Tactical have teamed up to bring Cutting edge training to Missouri

Combat Handgun 2

starting @ 8:00am

This course will focus on the use of the handgun in a combat/tactical environment. The course will start where you left off in Handgun 1.

This course will be like no other you have ever taken anywhere else! You will learn how to fight with a Handgun!


This course is designed to develop skills for the student who uses his/her handgun as a primary firearm in a tactical environment. The course will start where you left off in Handgun 1. You will soon advance to skills that will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with higher degree of accuracy, and increase your confidence with your handgun.

Prerequisites: Handgun 1 or equivalent course

Cost: $200.00


• Safety and handling
• Combat Mindset
• Gear placement
• Fundamentals of Marksmanship Focusing on Front Sight & Trigger Control
• Recoil management Proper Stance & Grip
• Drawing and firing techniques
• Reloads and Malfunctions
• Multiple targets
• Firing positions and barricades
• Shooting on the move
• Shooting positions
• Strong hand only shooting
• Support hand only shooting

Ammunition Requirements: 300 rounds

Gear: Pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, Baseball Cap, weapons cleaning kit, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.


(540) 322-3000 office www.ccjatraining@gmail.com
(540) 846-7088 cell Gear Zone Toll Free 1-888-432-7966

The Classroom portion of the class will be held @ Gear Zone, LLC
7901 E. State Route W Freeman, MO 64746
Toll Free 1-888-432-7966