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Rally 4 UR Rights 1/12/2018 Capitol


Activist Member
Apr 27, 2010
Lawton, OK USA
9-12 Friday Jan 12th 2018 at the Capitol.
"Very important this year, set aside January 12th. We are going to Olympia to Rally for Our Rights again. This year it is very important as we no longer have the safety net of a state senate to stop anything bad for us. As we do each year we are rallying to our representatives. We will have a short rally at 9:00 AM to discuss the current issues regarding our right to keep and bear arms. Following this all attendees are asked to get to your representatives to meet and discuss the issues with them. This is imperative this year as they need to know our right to keep and bear arms must be protected. We will have a team there to both help you find your reps and to help you write letters to them as well. In the past these have been quite successful. Those attending were able to get to many of their representatives to meet and speak with them. Let's do this again folks and see if we can get 1000 people there this year. We know it is a weekday so please do whatever is necessary to get that day free. It is more important than ever this year.

Please note: We would like to ask anyone that carries firearms to please keep them holstered or slung. Each of us is responsible for our own actions. That includes both appropriate safety and conducting ourselves in a respectful manner that will reflect positively on the group as a whole. Thanks and can't wait to see you all there."

I've already put in for the day off, and can bring the OC is legal banner. I would like to have a little help. Also if anybody has some of the WA OC brochures would be great.

This is also posted on facebook, which I don't have access to right now.

After what the Lt Gen Governor did we need to prove we are the good guys.

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MSG Laigaie

Campaign Veteran
Jan 10, 2011
Philipsburg, Montana
Have you made contact with the guys from Whatcom County??

I remember them attending this with banners, brochures, and loud voices. The Whatcom County Chapter of OCDO has always been actively involved in local politics.


Regular Member
May 12, 2011
Yelm, Washington USA
Unfortunately I cannot get out of work on Friday however I did receive my NRA alert

On Monday, January 15th at 10:00AM, the Senate Law & Justice Committee is scheduled to hear multiple anti-gun bills. Testimony will be limited during the hearing, so all NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are strongly encouraged to arrive early to sign in to testify in addition to meeting directly with their legislators afterwards.