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How are people open carrying given the state’s definition of concealed?


Regular Member
Dec 4, 2011
I just read that a gun is concealed if it is partially covered by clothing. Therefore, a gun carried in an IWB holster with the slide and grip visible is considered concealed.

Given the weather of Montana, how are people open carrying in colder weather?


Campaign Veteran
May 6, 2011
When I open carry, I do so OWB most of the time. I have jackets designed for OWB carry.

You are right though, an IWB holster could be viewed as concealed if you get an overzealous officer or prosecutor (think Missoula). However, for the majority of people in the state it doesn't even matter due to the 45-8-317(1)(i) exception to the conceal carry statue.
MCA 45-8-317 said:
(1) Section 45-8-316 does not apply to:
(i) a person who is outside the official boundaries of a city or town or the confines of a logging, lumbering, mining, or railroad camp or who is lawfully engaged in hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, hiking, backpacking, farming, ranching, or other outdoor activity in which weapons are often carried for recreation or protection;
Alternatively, individuals could 'non-conceal carry' in a fanny-pack, suitcase, briefcase, purse, glove box, car, etc.

So I guess, directly to your question: Odd's are, if you are IWB and wearing a jacket in any other state, you're likely not open carrying either. Weather is an issue everywhere, so I assume people open carry the same way in Montana as people do in other places.