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Gunpowder for reloaders - GROUP BUY


New member
Jul 10, 2012
Hafa Adai,

I'm looking for reloaders on Guam that are looking to purchase Smokeless gunpowder off island. I want to do a group buy so we can get 99lbs of powder shipped to Guam so it can be worth the money on shipping.

Powder will be shipped via Powder Valley Inc, and I will be mostly purchasing Winchester 231, and Hodgons 223. I have about 40lbs on order, so if anyone wants to get into this shipment please post or send me a private message. I will make sure everyone pays for their share including paying the freight forwarder. All in all it should cost less than $20 per lb of powder, compared to $64 a lb on island.

59lbs is available to be shipped. I will not ship my 40lbs until I reach 99lbs to maxamize on savings.
We can also order primers to negate the hazmat fee, however due to its DOT Class rating it will not ship with the gunpowder, and turnover rate may be 1-2 months.

Link to powder valley: http://www.powdervalleyinc.com/
Choose your powder, and give me the price I will add it into the shipment manifest. Please note I will not make the order UNTIL 99lbs is reached. I'll then start collecting payments once 99lbs is reached, and I will order the powder. I will provide everyone with tracking information, and we can all pick it up from the freight forwarder when it arrives.
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