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Recent content by acmariner99

  1. acmariner99

    This is what can happen when you're UNarmed

    I got lucky this morning. As I am walking to the bus stop on the way to work (one car family and my employer prohibits firearms on the property, let alone in a backpack) I see two black guys beating up another black guy on the other end of the parking lot against a concrete wall; I saw a full...
  2. acmariner99

    "Responsibility" to Intervene in Active Shooter Situation?

    In recent weeks, I have thought somewhat about the concept of a "sheepdog" that we who carry are sometimes called ... the entity with the capacity to scare predators away from the mass of sheep. Some think that if we have the training, we have a "responsibility" to intervene on behalf of others...
  3. acmariner99

    Coffee With a Cop - while OC

    Today the Des Moines Police Department had a "Coffee with a Cop" near where I live in Des Moines. DMPD likes to have regular sessions with the public by their front line officers. I think this is a really good idea with a lot of mistrust of LEOs by the public at large. Of course, this mistrust...
  4. acmariner99

    Statement to share on I-594

    If this needs to go someplace else, please by all means - but as all of us know, ballots are out and I-594 is on everyone's mind. I took to my computer and wrote my thoughts on it - please feel free to share - especially to those who are on the fence about it...
  5. acmariner99

    LGOCers Have Done it Again

    Target has now requested that gun owners no longer carry in their stores - when are these people going to learn that carrying an AR-15 is not helping...
  6. acmariner99

    State Firearm Carry Summary

    Hello my fellow carriers. Over the past couple of months, I have used various resources including opencarry.org, handgunlaw.us, usacarry.com, and a few others to put in writing a high level summary of the conditions of carry laws throughout the US - without the legalese. It is similar to the...
  7. acmariner99

    Open Carry is now the Enemy

    I have been seeing all over the internet today that it is the fault of the OC movement that prompted Starbucks to make the choice they did today. This is from many pro-2A persons and organizations. I spent more time than I should have defending OC as a right and viable means of self-defense...
  8. acmariner99

    Wonderful Week of OC

    Last week I had several excellent encounters with OC throughout Western WA - On July 4, I went to a Starbucks in Renton where I saw a Renton LEO walk in, get his own coffee and leave. He plainly saw I was armed and didn't talk to me at all, much to the annoyance of a young couple who I...
  9. acmariner99

    Colorado Governor to Sign Gun Control Bills Into Law

    I just saw an article from Fox News that stated that Gov. Chickenpooper would sign bills banning private transfers and restricting magazine limits to 15 rounds into law: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/03/19/colorado-governor-to-sign-gun-controls-into-law/. My condolences to the liberty...
  10. acmariner99

    USA Carry Hating on Open Carry

    "Keep it Secret, the element of surprise, don't scare bystanders" - I think we have heard these arguments before. I very hastily let the author know how I felt and I think we should do the same. http://www.usacarry.com/keep-it-secret-keep-it-safe/
  11. acmariner99

    Interesting Comment After Robbery in Downtown Seattle

    Courtesy of KOMO: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Shots-fired-near-federal-courthouse-in-downtown-Seattle-170723586.html A robbery suspect shot at a security guard who chased him and several bystanders held him down until police arrived. One comment that intrigued me was: "You've got to...
  12. acmariner99

    Interesting Safeway Encounter

    I have been shopping at Safeway since I have been back in the Seattle area. There is a store right across the street from my apartment. In my opinion, their quality vs cost is better than the other grocery stores in my immediate area (Albertsons and QFC). I carry in grocery stores all the time...
  13. acmariner99

    OC Story -- North Cascades National Park

    Yesterday, me and a friend decided to spend the hottest day of 2012 in WA State (~90 degrees) doing some hiking in the North Cascades, specifically Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm about 25 miles east of Marblemount, WA. My friend thought it interesting that I carry "all the time." She is a gun owner...
  14. acmariner99

    Two Non-Encounters with Renton PD in a Week

    Last Friday while down in the south end I decided to stop by the outdoor store in Federal Way near where we have our Starbucks meets. They FINALLY had the new Springfield XDS in stock - and yes, I got one :) It's slim, it's slick, and it is very comfortable in my hands. I got a Galco IWB holster...
  15. acmariner99

    Concealed is Concealed ....

    Good morning all. I am currently visiting your fine state and I would like to know just how far this "concealed is concealed" in Texas goes. I know there are certain exceptions where you can open carry, and otherwise MUST be concealed. As I understand Texas statutes, you are under no restriction...