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Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Military Want Concealed Carry Rights on Home Bases


Regular Member
Feb 8, 2016
Ft. Jackson, South Carolina
Military right to carry

darn, leave it to the commander asking the wrong question at the right time.

btw, there is a fourth choice...get out of the reserves!!


Afternoon Ipse

The fourth choice is actually in the process. I will retire 1 Nov 2017 with 20 years active federal service and another 16 years Reserve/National Guard. Definitely would not want to get out at this point in time. The loss of this last year of active duty would mean no retirement. I will just have to make some changes to my options to carry.

Have a great day all



Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
"Who would have ever guessed that by serving in the Armed Forces one would loose their 2nd amendment rights"


You are a bullet catcher now.

Go up to your CO and tell him that you think he is a piece of chit ... see how long you're free to roam about.


Campaign Veteran
Jan 14, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
"Who would have ever guessed that by serving in the Armed Forces one would loose their 2nd amendment rights"

I know, right? The only sane conclusion this honest American veteran can reach is that those who make the policies are no longer sane. Mass psychosis? Brainwashed? Hand-picked because of their extreme politically correct position? (brainwashed).

It is indeed a conundrum!