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Police Encounters:

carry for myself

Regular Member
May 1, 2011
Typically simply educate them. You never know, perhaps a *great* encounter with you will get them more interested so they do some research, get on the forums here and voila! We have another OC'er :)

P.S. make SURE you carry a voice recorder in Portland. We have had a few instances recently there. I believe I cleared everything up with the Asst. Police Chief though.

very true. i ran into a gentlemen who worked for big corperate company last night around 9pm at the cumberland farms by biddeford walmart. he noticed i was carrying and instantly introduced himself as bill, told me he used to live in cape and had a CCW, but lives in springvale now and doest. and was very interested in the whole OC thing. so gave him some info, the website address, told him where he could, could not carry, how to vehicle carry ect. even told him the date of the BBQ and he said he will attend wearing his S&W 357 strongside :-D

i have 10x more good encounters with OC than i have had bad. i guess its all really how you carry yourself while doing it. confidence, courtesy , kindness and respect usually get me good reactions from LEO's and non LEO's alike :p

and P.S. ........Apt 9 doesnt only do womens junk as the website said haha they also make very good business casual stuff for men hahaha.........although i think that frilly white hat would complement my mag holder :p
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