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Leaked NRA Recordings From 1999 Reveal Leadership Referred To Members As ‘Hillbillies and Idiots’


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Nov 21, 2018
Washington Island, WISCONSIN. Out in Lake Michigan
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Aug 22, 2013
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From a conversation elsewhere: “I believe that you were around when I learned of the perfidy of the NRA and abandoned my CCL instructor licensing attempt. I criticized the 1996 Act for naming the NRA and the NRA-creeps came out of the woodwork, and not only GOSC.”
one presumes dougie, you are referring to the Dickey Amendment which did not specifically prohibit the CDC from using their government funding for advocating or promoting gun control?

dougie, as for your use of the initials GOSC you are of course referring to General Officer(s) Steering Committee, no sorry...the Girls of Starcraft (gaming clan)...

past history of almost a quarter century ago...

NPR should be ashamed of themselves for propagating this kind of nonsense as well as allowing the smear campaign to even be broadcast....

OH OH WAIT>>>>the illustrious newspeek reporter has VALIDATED the voices on the scurrilously obtained phone tap of the meeting...

1. where is the FBI & DoJ to investigate the phone tap violation(s) of American citizens.
2. wonder if those on the call are going to sue the reporter & NPR for violation of their rights in being recorded w/o their permission.

yet nobody talks about the 1972 coup of the NRA's board which lead to the creation of the NRA's ILA off-shoot...now that is an interesting story...