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Guam Shall Issue Goes to Governor Calvo


Jul 11, 2008
Yuma, Arizona, USA
The Guam shall issue concealed carry gun bill has passed the Senate on 9 May, the last day of the session. Guam's legislature has only one house, so the next step for B296-32 is to go to Governor Calvo for signature.

The new law would:

Require that a permit for a concealed firearm be issued if requirements are met.
Include all handguns, rifles, and shotguns
Include all concealed weapons other than firearms
Be only available to residents of Guam
Put a limit on the required, non-refundable fee of $100
Require issue within 90 days of the receipt of a complete application
Include methods to regain rights previously lost
Be valid for a period of six years

Governor Calvo (R) has 10 days from receipt of the bill to sign or veto it. If he does nothing, the bill will become law. From guampdn.com:

The bill received 13 "yes" votes and two "no" votes from Speaker Judith Won Pat and Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz.

Both Pat and Cruz are Democrats. Perhaps their positions as Speaker and Vice Speaker are why the bill was held until the last day of the session.

The Peruta decision in the 9th Circuit has been one of the reasons for the push for this bill. Guam falls under the Ninth Circuit.

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