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  1. Maverick9

    Science Museum of Virginia - anyone know if posted no carry?

    https://www.smv.org/ Heading here for a visit next week. Anyone know if there are postings, OC/CC allowed? TIA
  2. Maverick9

    Video: Officer Tases Partner Youtube - Question.

    Hi guys, I've been discussing the actions in the now infamous 'Officer Tases Partner' video on Youtube. Now we just see a short snippet from the POV of the officers lapel cam, but they go up to a couple sitting in a car, start questioning them, and saying things like "I'm going to count to...
  3. Maverick9

    Any direct experience with liability after the use of a defensive firearm in Va?

    There's a discussion going on about the need for some kind of insurance in case you get sued from having to defend yourself. Some say that the specific policies, like that from CCW Safe are the way to go, and that an Umbrella policy may have an 'Intentional Exclusion' clause, which prevents you...
  4. Maverick9

    Woman accidentally shot during citizen police academy (citizen patrol) training

    https://www.yahoo.com/gma/woman-accidentally-shot-during-citizen-police-academy-063659607--abc-news-topstories.html Someone has a real problem. Officer was put on leave. Woman declared deceased. There will be a full internal investigation. That is all we know at this point.
  5. Maverick9

    Connecticutt SP caught fabricating charges against open carrying DUI protester

    http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-michael-picard-dui-protest-arrest-20160128-story.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link# 'We gotta cover our a&&'
  6. Maverick9

    Video disputes account of Baltimore police shooting of stopped motorist

    http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/lawyer-video-disputes-baltimore-police-account-shooting-36310639 Doesn't look good for the BPD. Guy was stopped in traffic when shooting started, not trying to run down an LEO as was their "story".
  7. Maverick9

    USA Today Editorial - Guns on campus 2-25-15 won't prevent rape

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/02/24/guns-college-sexual-assaults-james-alan-fox/23889451/ Mr Fox offers this ridiculous argument: I say: Would an aroused and inebriated Woman use her firearm to intimidate some non-consenting Man into bed? "Submit or I got yer gun right heah!"?
  8. Maverick9

    Breakdown of Anti arguments and tactics

    Anti-gun advocates and gun control pundits play a game of argument by fallacy. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies) They find a position at the extremes (often to further a political or false agenda), then cherry pick whatever arguments and "hysterical falsehoods" they think they...
  9. Maverick9

    Sterling Costco Shooting ruled justified

    This is crazy, just reading it. They're alleging that after four shots she continued to walk the floor, but earlier in the article it says she dropped to the floor after the -second- shot. http://www.loudountimes.com/news/article/costco_shooting_justified898 They interviewed 40 people looked...
  10. Maverick9

    Do Maryland LEOs target handgun owners in traffic stops? (article)

    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/dec/30/gun-owners-fear-maryland-cops-target-them-for-traf/ Chilling, but fortunately, isolated incident.
  11. Maverick9

    Poll: Corporal Punishment Options

    If you don't believe in hitting your kids, or if you think age/gender/size constraints should apply, that's OK, just post with free text. I'm a little surprised at the comments in a recent thread.
  12. Maverick9

    By Golly, the Barney Fife Solution - I think it could work!

    I was sitting here talking about the rampage in Stockton where a gang of thugs killed a hostage and shot up the city, when I blurted out: "We've been talking about disarming the police, eliminating the asset forfeiture without conviction law (license to steal), and removing the military vehicle...
  13. Maverick9

    Officer shoots and kills 68 yo great-grandfather through his car door in his driveway

    http://news.yahoo.com/sc-cop-indicted-shooting-shrouded-mystery-083958497.html Should get voluntary Man I, imo. No cause, guy was unarmed. Isolated incident?
  14. Maverick9

    New Orleans woman who shot intruder under arrest after not cooperating with police

    http://news.yahoo.com/video/woman-arrested-shooting-accused-intruder-175101907.html Charged with aggravated battery after refusing to cooperate with police. Hmm, the implication is had she cooperated she wouldn't have been charged? That's odd. Where's her lawyer? So perps don't have to talk...
  15. Maverick9

    Title 18 No Firearms - Legal or out of date?

    I noticed that the US Forest Service has posted outside the offices on the Blue Ridge Parkway, no firearms. Is this not out of date? I thought one could OC and CC in these premises? Forgive any stupidity of the Ler on my part. TIA The Code. I'm sure people go in there with hunting knives...
  16. Maverick9

    Pretty good solution to some OC problems

    It occurred to me that one can limit one's options and fail to see a solution to some OC issues that is right out in the open. There are some times where, perhaps in a crowd, in a store where you might be bent over your shopping cart, that you are more concerned than other times about retention...
  17. Maverick9

    Officer arrests war veteran for criticizing his driving

    http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/dncrime/Philly-cop-arrested-suspended-for-false-imprisonment.html It's in Philadelphia.
  18. Maverick9

    Cop kills own pregnant wife cleaning gun.

    http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20140309_Police_say_Pa__trooper_accidentally_shot_wife.html How not to clean your gun? Or something more sinister?
  19. Maverick9

    Officer shoots 70 yo man reaching for his cane.

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/sc-officer-shoots-man-reaching-for-cane/2014/02/26/1b97852e-9f3d-11e3-878c-65222df220eb_story.html Pulled over for an expired tag