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    Inauguration day

    On Inauguration day there should be the largest open carry event in the country. Every one go to your state capitol and have a open carry event.
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    Where can you OC in Delaware?

    Can any one tell me what towns or city's are you allowed to OC in Delaware?
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    Pittsburgh wants to ban guns

    PITTSBURGH MOVE TO BAN SOME GUNS, ACCESSORIES COULD SPARK LEGAL FIGHT 12/17/18 7:00 AM | by Chris Eger Gov. Tom Wolf, D, and city leaders, flanked by gun control advocates, unveiled a host of new anti-gun measures proposed for the state’s second-largest city last week. (Photo: Wolf’s...
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    No Guns sign

    I saw a no guns sign at the rib fest on the north shore this week end. How can they do that and does any one know who put up the sign? Isn't that area public property?
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    Outdoor expo

    I have never been to the outdoor expo in Harrisburg, is OC allowed there? I plan on attending this year
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    carry in city building

    Are you allowed to carry in a city/bureau/township building if their police department is attached to the building?
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    Open carry at the polls

    Any one going to open carry at the polls where legal? :shocker: I AM!!!!!:shocker::shocker::shocker:
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    Pa permit

    I know there has been some issues in VA about non resident permits lately. Has that issue been resolved? Is my Pa permit valid or not in VA? Can I carry in my car with out a permit? I know OC is legal in VA but can I OC in my car?
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    no gun signs

    In Pa is there a official no guns sign that a business must post if they do not want guns in their business? I only ask because I was at a business the other day and saw in fine print on a plaque on a wall away from the front door no guns or weapons allowed. I was already finished with my...
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    Open carry/CC carry

    Can any one tell me if you are allowed to OC/CC on mass transit buses or trains in Pa?
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    open carry

    Does this woman know what she is talking about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0u0wNXi_78:confused: At the 145 min mark she says open carry is not allowed in state parks or Philly. I think she is wrong.
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    only one gun

    If for some reason you could only own one hand gun. What hand gun would that be? Mine would be my S@W 610 10mm. Good enough to hunt with and good for carry and target shoot. If i lived in another state it would be my Glock G 40 10 mm. But I live in pa and you can not hunt with a auto loader.
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    Asked to leave Friday's

    Went out for my birthday today and we went to TGI Friday's . Shortly after we sat down the manager came over and lied to me and said that children were noticing and were upset about my firearm. I asked her if they were going to attack. She asked me if I could take it out of my holster and place...
  14. M


    Any one ever OC at Cabela's ? :confused:
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    Ohio's new laws

    I am from Pa and on occasion I travel into Ohio for various reasons. I have had no problems OCing. It is no fun having to load and un-load every time I :confused:get out of the car. I was told that Ohio has changed their laws and they now will honor my CC permit from Pa. Does any one have any...
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    OC/CC near a school

    I know you are not allowed to OC/CC on school property. If walking by a school how far do you have to be away from it. Across the street or farther? A few weeks ago there was a story on the local news. Some one saw some one with a gun at the gas station across the street from a public school and...
  17. M


    I know I can not carry in the court house of any county, but are they required to provide me with a locker to secure my firearm in while I am conducting business there? I only ask because I am required to go to court next month because I saw some one do something they was not supposed to do and...
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    Open Carry win in Swissvalle

    Went grocery shopping at the Giant Eagle in Swissvalle Pa the other day and I was stopped by the store security/Pa constable. He told me that the store owner's/manager did not allow firearms. (this was not a corporate store) He said I could put it in my car and continue shopping. I declined and...
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    gun free zones

    I have a question about the gun free zones. Yesterday I was in Pittsburgh's Station Square. I had a nice dinner with my family and walked around a bit while O/Cing. I had one nice comment about my Glock, and on the way out I saw a sign about the Code of conduct while on Station Square property...
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    Eat and Park

    Friday the 18th of July I was eating at the Eat and Park in North Versailles. The assistant manager walked up to me and asked me if I was a officer. I told him that I was not and he walked away. Less than a minute later he came back and asked me if I could put my firearm in my car.:shocker: I...