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  1. CJ4wd

    Open Carry Event in Washington DC January 17, 2021?

    This question may not make a lot of sense but it is one that has been in the back of my mind since this unpleasant action took place. In a crowd of several thousand people, how many "agitators" would it take if they were embedded in the crowd but in communication with each other and an overall...
  2. CJ4wd


    IIRC, wasn't the "to protect and serve" meant "to protect and serve" the LAW ?? Especially after the Court ruled there is nothing about the police "protecting and serving" the PEOPLE ?
  3. CJ4wd


    Depending on the speed with which they move "Plugs" out of the way, do you really think the people will wait 8 years to put a stop to this insanity? :unsure: I suspect it will happen in less than 4 years, possibly in just over two years, depending on how the mid-terms go. ;)
  4. CJ4wd

    Open Carry Event in Washington DC January 17, 2021?

    Thanks to the debaucle in D.C. the other day, it strikes me as being unwise to try something like this now. It just gives the "trilogy of horror" more fuel for their depredations. D.C. is not only rabidly anti-gun, they are also anti-carry of any type. Like Illinois, they have been forced to...
  5. CJ4wd

    Kamala Does Not Qualify to be Vice President

    God, I hope not !
  6. CJ4wd

    Update on St. Louis couple

    Within the last couple of days, there was a news report that Mrs. McCloskey's lawyer had been successful in getting her judge to disqualify Gardiner from prosecuting this case. It's past due to hang Gardiner "out to dry". As she was running unopposed, it isn't surprising that she won re-election.
  7. CJ4wd

    ah, a young pro police civilian militia wantabe guards the community

    CoL - let's hope you're right. One of my concerns is that, with the presidential election turning out the way it did, the dems/libs will try and use this to push for restrictions. That could include attacks on SYG laws, SD/HD laws, etc.
  8. CJ4wd

    Kamala Does Not Qualify to be Vice President

    It is truly amazing that someone who has been a member for 9 years has only (at this time) 174 posts. Then you have to realize that so many of those have been garnered in the last few months. :rolleyes: Is it possible that this person is one of those who has lost their jobs because of the...
  9. CJ4wd

    Oh Well! Too Late for advice now,,, My B-day toast...

    Happy Birthday Defender and congrats on making it to another one. Is that a single malt you're having or a "blended" Scotch? And "on the rocks" or "neat"? Enjoy !
  10. CJ4wd

    Kamala Does Not Qualify to be Vice President

    What language are they using in that video? There are some english words in it but the accent is so bad, it is hard to tell. Maybe THAT is the way c&l actually sounds ! Could it be that c&l recorded one of "his" family's gatherings?
  11. CJ4wd

    Condolences to Colorado

    Don't forget "ObamaLand". Except for the blue pit in and around "Shicago", Champaign (home of the U of I), Springfield (state capital), and St. Clair county (East St. Louis), most counties were RED, yet "Plugs" got the electoral votes.
  12. CJ4wd

    S&W safety recall on Shield EZ

    Thanks for spreading the word. It could save somebody's life.
  13. CJ4wd

    The Electoral College - why it is necessary

    Considering recent events, as well as a history of questionable actions, perhaps some sort of electoral college should be instituted at the state level. This way, major metropolitan areas such as NYC, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, LA, and SF, would not be able to dominate state politics to the...
  14. CJ4wd

    Gun Restrictions as Analogy for Justifying Speech Restrictions. E. Volokh

    Would it not be more correct to say that our 2A rights protects our 1A rights? Or, perhaps they are so intertwined that they protect each other?
  15. CJ4wd

    Kamala Does Not Qualify to be Vice President

    At the time of his birth (wherever that might have been), his mother was not old enough to have passed on her "citizenship". IIRC, she was only 20 and you have to be 21 (at least back then) to pass it on if you aren't on "American soil". And she wasn't.
  16. CJ4wd

    CONGRATULATIONS Missorians !!

    That is similar to what happened in nearly every state. Major metropolitan areas, college towns, all those areas with lots of "drones", went blue while the outlying areas were red. In Illinois, the map that I saw (from the NYT yet !), the northeastern corner of IL (Chicago and its...
  17. CJ4wd

    Congratulations Arizona

    You now have a true "space case" to represent you. See what happens when you let in all those "refugees" from California? They bring their lunacy with them.
  18. CJ4wd

    Kamala Does Not Qualify to be Vice President

    Here is an interesting article on what might happen. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/happens-president-elect-dies-inauguration-165736616.html
  19. CJ4wd

    Inauguration day

    And what if this article is "prophetic" and Biden doesn't even make it to the inauguration? :eek: :ROFLMAO: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/happens-president-elect-dies-inauguration-165736616.html