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    Target asking customers not to carry in their store...

    Well that's a blow huh? Boyscout what do you think about this? I know you said in the past that you go to Target over Wal-Mart since they are OC friendly. Have you carried openly at Target lately? If so, did you have any issues?
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    OC in Hampton?

    I plan on open carrying at Hampton beach this coming weekend. Just curious if the cops there are OC friendly or?
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    How can I legally protect my gun while open carrying in rain/snow?

    I was thinking of putting plastic baggie over it. I am just not sure if that would be considered a concealed weapon? I know I definitely don't want to just carry it in the rain and let it get wet. I meant gun not gin in the title.
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    Where did you OC in Maine

    Instead of starting a new thread I am just going to use this one to share my OC stories.* Today I was walking down rt 1 in Saco crossing into Scarborough to go to the Seafood store by rite aid. Usually walking down RT1 nobody notices I am carrying due to the traffic traveling at a high rate...
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    A thank you to the longtime OCers in Maine!

    I just wanted to thank all you guys for the work you've done to for the most part normalise open carry in Maine. I have been carrying for a few weeks now without any major issues. (there was the one manager at Hannaford in Saco that asked me to leave but he turned out to be in the wrong...
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    Maine attempting to limit magazines ot 10 rounds?

    I did not see this in any other post, sorry if it is discussed somewhere else, if so please delete. We need to write/call our elected officials and tell them we oppose this ridiculous bill. Any thoughts on whether or not it will become law...
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    Buying my first handgun seeking advice.

    So I am buying a gun this week and I need some advice. I am using it mainly for home defense as my home was recently broken into while I sat on my couch! Luckily I was able to overpower the psycho! I will admit I am ignorant when it comes to caliber and all that. I am looking for something...
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    Armed civilian shoots two armed robbers at internet cafe.

    http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/82664299/ Link to a video of a two men with guns trying to rob a internet cafe.. A patron shoots at the robbers and they flea.. Thought some of you might find it interesting.
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    Can I carry a long gun and a side arm at the same time?

    I have searched a few different sites and looked up laws but wanted to double check... Would it be legal for me to carry a long gun and a side arm at the same time? I only ask because I believe this issue was discussed a while back but I can't locate the thread. Thanks, Me
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    Is MA a stop and identify state?

    I did limited research and did not find anything on stop and identify statues.... can anyone verify that there is indeed no stop and identify statues in MA?
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    Can a city or town prevent me from openly carrying a firearm?

    EDIT: Sorry I should have read the FAQ first.. Moderator feel free to delete this thread.