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    Felony to train with firearms

    I didn't post the link because the link I had wouldn't load. I think the site may be down at the time of this posting though. This also means that I REALLY only have second hand information. This bill is bad enough (horrible) but could be easily twisted to be even worse. Two people shooting...
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    2nd Ammendment win

    Ran across this. May be old new but thought I'd share. https://news.yahoo.com/win-gun-rights-pennsylvania-195144080.html
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    No Weapons Pikeville Festival

    It is that time of year again so we are going to be making the trip down to Pike County to attend the Hillbilly Days Festival. The last time we were there I saw "No Weapons" (it may have said no guns, I can't find my picture). This is held in public streets and Shriner's. Please refresh me in...
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    OC arrest at Hop Jam in Tulsa

    I came across this video and wondered what my have come of it. It appears as though the guy is arrested at the end of the video. Sorry if this has been discussed, I searched and could find a thread. https://youtu.be/OYoIIq73Bac
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    Sam's Club in Florence

    So who was at Sam's Club? I saw you go in as I was parking. Didn't see you inside.
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    Utah man shoots would be carjacker

    Good guy successfully ends criminal's career. http://news.yahoo.com/police-man-shoots-kills-carjacker-outside-store-004403757.html
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    Gun taken from open carry

    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/oregon-man-openly-carrying-new-gun-robbed-by-man-with-gun/ Not sure if this has come up but I just heard/read about it. Scary stuff. Just a good example of why you should keep yourself on high alert. The guy made the right choice by just giving it up (in my...
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    TN Home Invasion in Broad Daylight

    http://gunssavelives.net/self-defense/tn-homeowner-shoots-and-kills-armed-masked-home-invader-in-broad-daylight/ According to WKRN Good guy ok, bad guy dead :banana:
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    Two burgulars shot, and they were both female

    Don't let gender (or any other factor) cause you to let your guard down. http://gunssavelives.net/self-defense/video-elderly-homeowner-uses-shotgun-to-shoot-two-female-burglars/ Both suspects survived but expected to have life long injuries.
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    Suspended from school for facebook photo

    http://gunssavelives.net/anti-gun-hysteria-in-schools/pair-of-students-suspended-from-high-school-over-airsoft-photo-posted-on-facebook/ Not sure if you saw this. I wonder if the picture being titled "Home Coming" was the only reason the school took action. I think the school should have...
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    Man picked wrong elderly couple to rob in Texas

    http://gunssavelives.net/self-defense/video-71-year-old-concealed-carrier-shoots-and-kills-man-who-assaulted-his-wife/ The article states that they (the writer) is not sure if the victim would be cleared under self defense. I would think you could easily argue that knocking a 71 year old to...
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    Nebraska Resident Opens Fire on 4 Home Invaders – 1 Killed, 2 Captured

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    Father Who Shot Felon During Home Invasion Arrested

    http://gunssavelives.net/self-defense-follow-up/follow-up-father-who-shot-felon-during-home-invasion-arrested/ Father was convicted of a non violent felony and shot a convicted felon (committing another felony) breaking into his home.
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    Ohio man breaks into two homes, held at gunpoint both times

    http://gunssavelives.net/self-defense/video-home-invasion-suspect-apprehended-by-15-year-old-armed-with-a-gun/ A+ police work on this one :rolleyes:
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    North Carolina grandfather shoots home invaders attempting to rape granddaughter

    http://gunssavelives.net/self-defense/grandfather-is-shot-but-shoots-3-of-3-home-invaders-who-tried-to-rape-his-granddaughter-killing-1/ This man shot all three invaders even though he was shot himself, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
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    Those crazy Moms demand action

    http://gunssavelives.net/blog/masked-man-robs-bank-in-kroger-moms-demand-action-says-an-open-carry-ban-would-have-prevented-robbery/ Moms seems to think that a ban on open carry would have prevented an armed robbery at a bank inside of Kroger. We all know that the criminal would have been...
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    Playing Star Spangled Banner with a 10/22

    Not sure if this has made it around but I just saw this for the first time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90lH3zn6oQw#t=104
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    Employee shot, "Please leave your guns at home" didn't help

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    Florence Mall

    Florence Mall had another open carrier removed 07/27. I rarely visit the mall but cannot recall seeing any signs posted. I think I've seen a picture of a policy listing no weapons but someone in the middle of the list (or end??). Anyway, to take it a step further they do not enforce their own...
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    Homeowner called in as burglar, forcefully detained, then charged with resisting

    http://www.ksbw.com/news/carmel-air-force-captain-arrested-after-burglary-call-at-his-home/25486372#ixzz2zCXiZ7r1 Sorry if this has already been posted. I didn't see it in this forum. Also, if it fits better somewhere else please feel free to ask an admin to move it. What do you all think...