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  1. J1MB0B

    "Untraceable firearm" confiscated

    I have retained an attorney. No, its not william kirk. It appears that he is only iterested in youtube views. Anyway, my attorney is in contact with the city attorney. While the outcome is still unknown, based on whay has been said so far, I'm hopeful.
  2. J1MB0B

    "Untraceable firearm" confiscated

    Ive been trying. Hes a hard man to get ahold of.
  3. J1MB0B

    "Untraceable firearm" confiscated

    In November of 2023, I found myself involved in a road rage incident which led to my arrest due to the other driver falsely claiming that I shot at him. Long story short, it didnt happen; his story was full of holes, I have a dashcam, and all charges were dropped. In the process, the city police...
  4. J1MB0B

    Does anyone ever read this forum?

    I'm here. First time in years. I'm a little sad to see how slow the forums have been.
  5. J1MB0B

    Am I required to notify passenger of a dash cam?

    I've been driving for Uber and Lyft for a while now. I have a dash cam with front and rear facing cameras in my car. Am I required to verbally notify passengers that they are being recorded? I have small stickers on the camera and on the windows that say "Audio\Video recording in progress"...
  6. J1MB0B

    8th grade assignment "Our willingness to tolerate school shootings"

    My kid came home with this article and her assignment is to come up with one question that will be discussed in a small group setting. I have some questions in mind but I want something that will throw the teacher for a loop. Something that will make her think "damn, I cant answer that!". Some...
  7. J1MB0B

    Attempt to legalize unmarked law enforcement vehicles

    I don't know how many of you are aware that I am currently in a legal battle with Thurston county over unmarked law enforcement vehicles. A lot of people say that it is legal for police to use unmarked vehicles for traffic enforcement purposes. These people are ignorant of the law and the intent...
  8. J1MB0B

    recording of public employees

    Considering the supreme court decisions that allow recording of public officials in performance of their official duties, is it legal to record them behind closed doors? For example, a meeting with more than one public employee in a conference room or office with the door closed. Assuming they...
  9. J1MB0B

    Tacoma gun safety meeting tonight

    I got an email at school today about a gun safety meeting tonight in Tacoma. I know there isnt much info about it but I plan on going anyway. "Gun Safety – BSU at UWT On Sep 24 a panel of six local experts will discuss how to increase gun safety and why it matter to you. The free event is...
  10. J1MB0B

    Mother Earth News Fair | Puyallup, WA | May 31-June 1, 2014

    Its kinda spendy, $30 for a weekend pass or $25 for one day, but I hear its well worth it. Advance ticket sales end on the 27th so hurry! Puyallup, Wash. | Washington State Fair Events Center | May 31-June 1, 2014 110 9th Ave SW Puyallup, Wash. Saturday Fair hours: 9:00 AM-7:00 PM Sunday Fair...
  11. J1MB0B

    Dave Workman on Firearms Rights and Responsibilities - Feb. 13

    http://armeddefense.org/events?eventId=820651&EventViewMode=EventDetails Notable firearms rights advocate and accomplished author Dave Workman presents to ADTA! ADTA Monthly Membership Meeting Thursday, February 13, 2014, 7pm Brooklake Church 629 S 356th St Federal Way, WA FREE...
  12. J1MB0B

    Guns save lives stickers

    You know, the round, orange stickers that say "Guns SAVE Lives". Where can I get some? The only ones I can find anywhere come in rolls of 1000 for $25, which is fine, but they have a Virginia website printed on them.
  13. J1MB0B

    Anyone ever seen a traffic ticket like this?

    My sister got stopped for speeding a while back. She got her discovery today. Look at the officer's "report", if you can call it that. It doesn't have any identifying information on her or her vehicle, no case number, no ticket number, no officer's signature or certification statement. I don't...
  14. J1MB0B

    FWPD Deputy Chief Hwang on Practical Self-Defense and Preparedness

    It'll be interesting to see what he has to say. Sorry for the short notice. http://www.armeddefense.org/calendar?eventId=754287&EventViewMode=EventDetails Thursday, January 9, 2014, 7pm Brooklake Community Church 629 South 356th St, Federal Way, WA FWPD Deputy Chief Andy Hwang visits ADTA to...
  15. J1MB0B

    Firearms at Bate's technical College

    I've been attending Bate's for a few months now. Before I started there I researched their policy on firearms. Everything I found says I can carry there "in accordance with state regulations and law." Today, I was talking with a few other students, none of which know I carry there nor do I...
  16. J1MB0B

    Gun turn-in, Olympia on Sat

    I'm going with a sign and a wad of cash. OC of course. Who else is going? From the article: "A gun turn in and pharmaceutical drug take back event will be held from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Saturday at the McLane Fire Department, 125 Delphi Rd NW Olympia. The event, intended to provide an...
  17. J1MB0B

    New sub-forum?

    Maybe we should start a Zimmerman sub-forum?
  18. J1MB0B

    Ricin tainted letters to Obamalama and bloomy sent by cute girl ...

    She likes guns. http://www.heavy.com/news/2013/06/shannon-richardson-guess-arrested-ricin-suspect/
  19. J1MB0B

    Should Distrust Of Government Be A Phenomenon Exclusive To Gun Owners?

    Apparently computers don't trust them either.
  20. J1MB0B

    Add a calendar to state sub-forums?

    There are a lot of events happening everyday. Coffee meet-ups, rallies, city council meetings(with firearm related agendas), BBQ's, group shoots.....you get the idea. Can we add a calender to each state sub-forum to make it a bit easier to keep track of these events? All the events listed in...