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    The NRA endorses Richard Burr

    I got an automated phone call today saying that NC has only one champion for the 2A, and it was Richard Burr. I listened and after about 5 min I got pissed, and called the number back. I talked to a guy in the ILA? I asked him why they would endorse Burr when we have another candidate running...
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    Open Carry dinner

    Attention all Patriots, we will be holding an OC dinner on Friday Jan 22 at 66 diner in Kernersville, 6pm. Hope to see alot of people there.
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    OC in South Carolina?

    To all you folks in SC. Is anything being done with regards of legal OC in SC? Some states have gained ground but I am shocked that SC isn't one of them. Has anything been in the works? Just wondering, I live in NC so its next door and was curious.
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    Winston-Salem OC dinner

    Well the first FRi of this mo is comming up so looks like a Golden Corral night off Stratford? Not sure about me though,its my wife and mine anniversary.
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    jan 19 pro second amendment rally.

    Jan. 19 nation wide, there will be a pro second amendment rally at all state capitals, 12 noon. Anybody going???
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    OCier in Walkertown shopping center

    Me and the family were heading into Picollo Millonos (spelling) this eve.and I saw another OCier going into Great Clips. He walked across the parking lot then covered the pistol just before walking into Great Clips??? Was it anyone on here? I was also OCing but I was still in my truck. Great to...
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    OC laws

    Just wanted a quick answer please. My inlaws live in GA and Im from NC where OC is legal without a permit,now I have a CCP but was wondering about OC down in GA. Is it legal for me? Thanks in advance. I will look at the laws also.
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    news 2 at 11:00

    A coworker told me today, news 2 at 11:00 in WS will have some sort of OC report about some loophole. I cant stay up to watch it so if someone is up at that time, they may want to turn it on and post back here later. I can just imagine with the word loophole.
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    Guess whos buying gun manufacturers

    I just got an E mail from a friend that said anti American George Sorros is buying gun Manufacturers. Im sorry I dont have a link.Has anybody heard this? I hope and pray its false,but the E mail said its true. I will try to do a little research soon.I just wanted someone to tell me its bogus.
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    Game Warden authority

    Well yesterday morning I was doing a little day lease dove hunt, about 12 noon we were approached by two Game wardens. One came up to me asked any luck blah blah. I said yes I had 5. he then asked to check my shotgun for a plug. Now, my question is. Was I required by law to let him check my...
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    Pro freedome T shirts

    I was talking to a coworker who also OCs once in a while. Anyway, we both agree that OC is as much of a "freedome" movement as a "gun rights" movement. So with all the bed wetters that would LOVE to see OC banned,I say lets get some T shirts made that says "I LOVE FREEDOME, I HOPE YOU DO TOO"...
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    Triad OC meet and eat

    Just wanted to throw this out there. How about another OC meet two weekends from now. Maybe the 22nd or the 23rd? Papa Bear, we discussed MT airy? or Greensboro? WS? Doesnt matter to me.Would like to go somewhere active. How about it?
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    New cc

    Just was wondering what you folks think will happen after you get CC. Do you think it will change OC one way or another? I myself hope that OC will continue to grow in numbers.
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    Happy Memorial Day

    Just wanted to give thanks to all the men and women that sacrificed so much for us. From our Founding fathers to present. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them and their families. Remember this presisident has nothing more but contempt for this Republic (whats left of it) and our hero s .
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    voice recorder

    Just asking for some advice on a voice recorder. I live and OC in North Carolina and have never used or considered a voice recorder for the 3+ years I have been OCing . Can someone give me some ideas on what is a good one and not too awful expensive. After reading some misfortunes from other OC...
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    triad OC dinner?

    Afellow worker and I decided we need another OC meet up. Has anyone gone to the Golden Corral near Hanes Mall? What do you all think? Some friday evening. Let us know.
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    wife may be coming around

    Last weekend the wife,kids,and me went to go eat, so as usual I tempted to go ahead and put the XD on my hip.Well that usually causes her to well, lets just say, not like the OC thing. Yesterday, with a new gun and holster, I made the comment that we needed to go eat where they dont serve alch...
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    Bera 380

    I was wondering if the Bersa thunder 380 is too small for OC? I carry an XD sub 9 now but its a little heavier than I want ,do to a neck injury several years ago. I would have to sell mine or trade. I have been eyeballing the Bersa as well as the Glock 26. I shoot LH so the Glock would be easier...
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    Obama to appoint another anti American

    Hear is a website to go to and it will contact your senators to tell them to appose this jackass. Just fill out the info and push send, done. stoptraver.org
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    Triad OC dinner date change

    Sorry about this but we will be eating at Prissy Pollys in Kville on Feb.11 instead if anyone wants to come. 6 pm.