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  1. Motofixxer

    Firearm in checked baggage - any problems?

    Tell the counter you need a Declaration Form
  2. Motofixxer

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    I have a post that I keep updated. Since the updated software when I edit it and save it I get an error the message is too long please shorten it. Obviously it's a message length limit. Is it possible to get that changed?
  3. Motofixxer

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    I tried to update a post and got an error saying post is too long shorten it.
  4. Motofixxer

    Is being detained under arrest or in custody???

    But you're not under arrest you're detained Actual custody has been defined to mean actual imprisonment or physical detention. State v. Schaller, 70 Wis. 2d 107, 111, 233 N.W.2d 416, 418 (1975). https://scholar.google.com/scholar_c...=4,50&as_vis=1 Line 75 In Custody when the “ability or...
  5. Motofixxer

    Anyone hungry Near Whitewater?

    So to give a little background...My cousin Tyler started a restaurant in Whitewater. So I went to check it out. He has found a niche for fresh local fine food cuisine. All the ingredients are bought within about a 75mi radius and cooked fresh to order. And let me tell you...it was fantastic. The...
  6. Motofixxer

    Excellent Vid of Knowing and exercising your rights

    Knowledge and the application of it is power as clearly shown in this vid. Know your rights and freedoms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQUAu8QnKVs
  7. Motofixxer

    First Person Defender training vids on YT

    Just in case anyone is looking to further their training and education. If you haven't see this video training series check it out. It's called First Person Defender...it's a bunch of real world training scenarios along with expert instruction...
  8. Motofixxer

    Madison Meet N Greet N Eat Sat Feb 1

    Open carry meet greet at Elie's Family Restaurant Breakfast! SAT February 1st at 9am Elie's Family Restaurant 4102 Monona Dr, Madison, Wisconsin 53716-1662 Get Directions
  9. Motofixxer

    Madison Meet N Greet N Eat

    Madison Meet N Greet N Eat Elies 4102 Monona Dr Madison, WI 53716 (608) 223-2040 Nov 2, 2013 9am
  10. Motofixxer

    North Bristol Sportsmans Club $15 membership, daily Pistol range 9am-dark

    As an FYI, I visited the North Bristol Sportsmans Club just north of Sun Prairie WI. Spoke with the president Jeff and got a tour. They are offering memberships for $15 for the rest of the year if you sign up for next year. That gives you access to the Trap shooting, pistol range, rifle range...
  11. Motofixxer

    Range day Dane Cty LE Training Center This Weekend 10-6p

    Confirmed, Through a DNR grant they are opening up the range at the Dane Cty Law Enforcement Training Center for public use. As long as you want for $10 this weekend Sat and Sun from 10-6p Show up with Gun ammo and targets Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center 5184 Hwy 19 Waunakeee (608)...
  12. Motofixxer

    Free Lunch: TEXAS ROADHOUSE April 22,2013 11-2p

    Like last year, TEXAS ROADHOUSE is partnering with Special Olympics to offer free lunch served by your local finest Police officers. Donations will go to Special Olympics. Meal includes Pulled Pork sandwich, fries, soda and applesauce. Alcohol won't be served, excludes gratuity and only the...
  13. Motofixxer

    More disturbing info

    This document was sent to me by an acquaintance that was a little disturbed by it. I have some questions on it too. Why now? What are they planning for? Why do they need a contract? City of LA wants you to contractually agree to do whatever they say once a declaration is made. Hmm sound a...
  14. Motofixxer

    So there's a missing Police Chief In Mexico

    Police chief is missing in Mexico near our border just south of Laredo TX, they don't know where he went, just that he hasn't shown up for work. Ok not a good thing, but what is interesting is this part about how there has been no local Police for about 2 years. "Local police haven't patrolled...
  15. Motofixxer

    DIY Cheap custom fit ear plugs, or ear buds

    Here is a vid for DIY easy cheap custom ear plugs for shooting, motorcycle riding, or custom fit ear buds. It's a silicone mold putty typically for craft like projects. The product in the vid is Easy Mold from Michael's for about $20 but also available elsewhere. I recommend finding a coupon on...
  16. Motofixxer

    .GOV does understand, why there can't be an Armed Population

    This is a well written and simplified thread starter. It's an interesting thread to read. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread826943/pg1 "True as far as it goes,but it goes much deeper. An armed citizen is a more confident person. He/she feels they can handle things themselves without...
  17. Motofixxer

    Disturbing vid link and TSA at football games???

    Here is a couple of disturbing links or proof however you portray it. What is going on behind the scenes? What links do they have to recent events? You be the judge. The first is a National Geographic special on secret experiments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prQpG1k9UcY This is the TSA...
  18. Motofixxer

    Dressed to Impress while OC'ing

    Consider me impressed. I was on a completely unrelated site and found this great respectable pic of an OC'er, now if only I knew where this OC'er was.
  19. Motofixxer

    Kid says your a Cop or a Burglar

    I slapped together this little vid of this adorable little boy and his perception of an OC'er having lunch at a Wendy's. It's entertaining at first but also presents the brainwashed image of firearms the media has created. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UFIPvJbURA&feature=youtu.be
  20. Motofixxer

    So would this be considered OC???

    I was surfin a bit and ran across this pic and thought it was interesting and spawned a thought. So is it OC'ing?