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  1. DW98

    New Zealand Shooting

    Confirmed by the NZ attorney-general that semi-automatic rifles will be banned :rolleyes:
  2. DW98

    New Zealand Shooting

    The NZ Prime Minister just stated during a press conference "our gun laws will change". They'll probably adopt a similar system to the BS we have over here. The US is looking more and more inviting...
  3. DW98

    Tasmanian man charged after shooting alleged burglar

    Might be more to the story but seems to be beggars belief it's considered an offence to return fire in this scenario. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-18/householder-shoots-man-who-tried-to-burgle-his-house/10821080 Article on the Sydney incident mentioned at the end of the article here...
  4. DW98

    Queensland teenager kills two home invaders

    Well done, son. I sincerely hope no charges come about later. http://amp.abc.net.au/article/10343494 When seconds count...
  5. DW98

    Man jailed for killing brother while trying to project his family

    This article doesn't mention that the brother had only recently been released from prison, and was on a mix of drugs, including meth, when he was killed. I've seen lesser sentences for completely malicious violent crimes. He shouldn't have left the scene, of course, but it sounds like he did...
  6. DW98

    Carjackings/home invasions soar across Melbourne

    Latest crime figures say that carjackings have increased by 80% in the past year. Big increases have been seen in home invasions or 'aggravated burglaries' too. An example from earlier today. What a tragedy they couldn't defend themselves properly. 13 teens arrested after carjacking The...
  7. DW98

    Intruder shot by NSW homeowner

    Nice work by the homeowner. Hope he comes out of it OK. https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/31599730/intruder-shot-in-nsw-break-and-enter/
  8. DW98

    Former PM says Australia's gun laws are 'inadequate'

    There's a review of the current laws coming up very shortly, and the media and assorted political parties are pushing their agenda hard. I don't trust Keenan when he says there are no plans to change anything. Word is that new legislation has already been drafted, but the details of it aren't...
  9. DW98

    Burglar killed in NSW break-in/homeowner charged

    This is the third home-invader to be killed in the past couple of weeks (that I've heard of) alone. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.
  10. DW98

    Gangs clash in Melbourne CBD brawls

    0:42 seconds onwards: "Many of them had knives and guns." Legally-held ones, no doubt :rolleyes: There was a virtual media blackout last night, and they're still downplaying it a lot today. I'm in the security industry and was caught up in it. A colleague of mine is in hospital after being hit...
  11. DW98

    Queensland man killed helping woman being attacked

    When seconds count... Rest in Peace, Mr Olsen.
  12. DW98

    Queensland Pro-Gun Group Pushes for CC

    Chances of it happening are very, very slim, but it's interesting to see how attitudes are changing...
  13. DW98

    Melbourne man kills intruder

    Great work - give him a medal.
  14. DW98

    Sydney man killed in random attack - bystanders subdue attacker

    Great job by the brave people who stepped in. Though, it's a shame all they had to defend themselves against the POS was a bat.
  15. DW98

    Fugitives armed with 'AK-47'

    SKS, actually. They banned them, though? :rolleyes: Surprised they haven't been arrested for expressing a desire to defend themselves.
  16. DW98

    Middle Eastern gangs have "virtually unlimited access to firearms"

    More 'cultural enrichment' and gun control, please :rolleyes:
  17. DW98

    Semi-automatic handgun ban won't take guns off streets, say police

    Finally a bit of sense.
  18. DW98

    5 killed in rural NSW shooting

    This happened nearly a week ago now. I guess the "No mass shooting since 1996" mantra isn't valid anymore. Article from last week. The father was later found dead (he shot himself). Rest in peace.
  19. DW98

    Man found not guilty of murder over shooting burglar

    But he has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, which I think is fair.
  20. DW98

    Queensland gun license applications increase 30%

    Great to see more and more people becoming involved in shooting. Other states have seen healthy increases in the rate of ownership as well. Permits issued by year 2010: 30,442 2011: 30,962 2012: 34,791 2013: 45,870 2014 (To July): 24,793 Sporting Shooters Association Australia Queensland...