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  1. Jeannette

    Annie Oakley Shooting Program

    I'm the Director of a new ALL WOMEN shooting program sponsored by Nevada Firearms Coalition. This is a free program that will be starting on April 25, 2017 at 7pm. The program will be held at the Clark County Shooting Complex. Please feel free to spread the word!!!
  2. Jeannette

    OC in Nevada

    Oc'd at County fair First time I ever went to the Clark County Fair and I get escorted out by metro. I got my entrance fee refunded and driven straight to my car.
  3. Jeannette

    Raising Canes is raising confusion!!!!

    This was posted on a FB page and I was given permission to share this gentlemans story. I contact Canes vis their "Contact Us" area on their web site. Here is the message I sent, I have noticed that the Raising Canes in Las Vegas are displaying signs indicating that firearms are not allowed. Is...
  4. Jeannette

    visiting Nor Cal

    I will be going to the San Francisco Bay Area for a week. I will be staying in the South San Francisco area and Day City area. I am coming in from Las Vegas. Is there anything regarding ordinances or laws in these areas I should be aware of?
  5. Jeannette

    OC in Nevada

    United Blood Services My son went to the United Blood Services on Decatur and Craig last month to donate blood. As always I Open Carried and noone said anything to me. Well I had to leave and when I came back to pick up my son, my son informed me that the employees there told him that my...
  6. Jeannette

    Advice for OC at the McCarran

    I'm going to pick up my mom at the airport on Wednesday. Does anyone have any advice on OCing at the airport?
  7. Jeannette

    New sheriff?

    Here is a link for someone I used to work with who is running for sheriff. http://www.billromanforsheriff.com/
  8. Jeannette

    Talk about trying to be descreet!

    OCd while shopping and this man approaches all the while yelling "Alright Open Carry...(turns to his friend behind him) Look...Open Carry! You go girl!!!" :o
  9. Jeannette


    I'm planning to go to a festival downtown and was considering to OC. Has anyone ever done that at a festival? This festival is not held in casino but rather in a parking lot.
  10. Jeannette

    Going to Pahrump

    I'm going to Pahrump to see some fireworks at the end of this month. Has anyone OC'd over there?