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  1. ODAAT

    Please be careful out there!

    Man accidentally shoots self in leg after pistol falls out of his pocket in restroom... http://pvtrib.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=62373 :banghead:
  2. ODAAT

    Another Rookie Cop, Another Tragic End to Life

    EDIT: As pointed out in this thread, the article does not say the boy died. Also, I can see where this was a tragic case not entirely the fault of the police officer. I would edit the title of the thread but don't know where to do so...
  3. ODAAT

    Rookie Cop "Accidentally" shoots, kills innocent man

    Rookie Cop, on a "violence reduction overtime detail", was patrolling a building WITH HIS SERVICE WEAPON in hand, FINGER ON THE TRIGGER, with NO reasonable cause to believe a crime was being committed or anyone's life was in immediate danger. :banghead: Guess how that worked out for him...