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    Constitutional Carry Bill

    If it comes to pass (for whatever reason) that OC is not allowed in FL and I LIVED in that state, I'd find it "quite inconvenient" as I almost exclusively OC everywhere I go when out & about (as I do in TX, NM & CO) -- I only CC when I MUST...like in the Walmarts here in El Paso, TX, which don't...
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    best for you during the upcoming holidays & into the new year

    Thanks...same to you & yours! :) No, nothing coming from QVC (or its sister store HSN)...but I did get ONE gift just yesterday: The Jeep dealership's Service Department managed to return my Jeep to me intact and undamaged -- THIS time! Sadly though, CO isn't getting the snow it usually does --...
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    Cross-draw/cross-body carry?

    ...I don't think there's anyone here to report it to as no one seems to be minding the store anymore (and hasn't for a LONG time now...ever since Admin Mike got his law degree and started practice)? Anyway, getting back on-topic, I carry cross-draw (as I did my flap-holstered 1911 in 1969-70 in...
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    Are You Shooting the Best Bullet Weight for Your Defensive Handgun?

    For several reasons, I tend to carry smaller-caliber handguns (.32ACP @ home and .380ACP as my EDC gun while out & about), so I want most effective HPs I can for them (assuming the most likely encountered "events" will present soft targets). Meaning, I go with Hornady HPs. I've read that even...
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    Update on St. Louis couple

    Yes, they should NOT have caved-in as they did and "voluntarily" do ANYTHING, let alone agree to give-up their guns. But IIRC, they're liberals/Democrat-voters, so in that case it figures. -- C
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    Local Sam's Club 'leave OC firearm in the car' upon entrance?

    I'm here in TX (ELP) now on a short trip (from CO). Went to a Walmart yesterday and as per usual, as I know they long ago "requested" no one OC there anymore, took my gun out of its OWB/cross-draw holster and put it into my vest's (leather "biker-vest") outside pocket before going in (gun was...
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    Update on St. Louis couple

    Excellent! Good for him - AND that couple! Aside from Jury Nullification, that's the way to deal with bad laws/DAs/Grand Juries and judges. I agree though: They shouldn't have done a plea deal... -- C
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    Local Sam's Club 'leave OC firearm in the car' upon entrance?

    Yes, they certainly can "prohibit/not allow" anything they want, but I don't care as I'll "carry" (leave in my vehicle) on their property anyway. And talking to some other vets also there for app'ts, they do the very same. "We" aren't going to be disarmed ALL DAY just because ONE of our...
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    Local Sam's Club 'leave OC firearm in the car' upon entrance?

    I DO leave "items" in my vehicle, plus some ammo, but they are secured pretty well...no Smash & Grab thief is going to get them quickly. And if the POS/street-trash takes TOO long trying, I just may get lucky and come back and quietly be able to do an Abraham Lincoln on the loser. Well, at least...
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    Gov. Cuomo declares state of emergency on gun violence

    True. But if the SCOTUS won't find the state of Hawaii unconstitutional re: gun rights/2nd Amendment, there's little likelihood they''ll call-out other "liberal sanctuary states" even if they're only slightly less anti-RKBA than HI is. :-( -- C
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    Local Sam's Club 'leave OC firearm in the car' upon entrance?

    Ever since that Walmart shooting (8-3-19) back in TX (I was living there then) Walmart has "requested" people not OC anymore, but nothing was said about CCing (THAT seemd to be fine, as per usual). Shortly after Walmart's announcement, supermarkets followed suit: NO OCing in their stores. Same...
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    Condolences to Colorado

    There was a SPAM "response" there -- as we've been seeing here lately, especially with no Moderator anymore to catch it (just us) -- so it wasn't one of our comments being reported/removed, although removal of the SPAM post did take quite a while to happen. So now, all is well in Whoville... --...
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    Got the traveling bug...

    Well, I'm not taking any road-trips anytime soon: Am patiently (and STILL!) awaiting my "In Transit" 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2 (in Sand Dune Metallic color, new for 2021 ZR2s) to arrive at my dealership (John Elway Chevrolet, Englewood, CO). No DATE for that arrival is available, and it's been "In...
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    Viewing NEWSER web site...this ad popped up...

    I preferred "old school" leather holsters myself, but due to the "obscure" milsurp guns I sometimes carry, ANY "civilian" holster for them was scarce. Only MILITARY flap-holsters were ever made/intended for such guns, not civilian holsters. One of my leather holsters came from Serbia, where...
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    Open Carrier Has Gun Snatched At Convenience Store

    @ color of law: I hope you know I wasn't criticizing any member's post here, just the guy "OCing" in this particular incident...and of course, the CCer's who routinely (and automatically) criticize OCing. :) -- C
  16. C

    Open Carrier Has Gun Snatched At Convenience Store

    I think I recall that incident, and yes it WAS quite a while ago. Plus, if it WAS a legit incident, the guy wasn't "OCing" PROPERLY, as a gun sticking out of a BACK POCKET (and not even in sight of the OCer) is just plain stupid. So I don't consider that guy as your typical OCer -- he doesn't AT...
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    Where is everybody??

    Solus...I'm still confused re: the issue. Probably a good thing I never became a lawyer? And sites like this "help" my confusion, as they seem to say something different: https://shookandgunter.com/can-police-ask-see-open-carry-license-texas/ "Red" state TX has the worst and most backwards carry...
  18. C

    Where is everybody??

    Does he even come around here anymore? -- C
  19. C

    Where is everybody??

    Yes, I remember. :-( As for LEOs (in Texas) stopping OCers -- when that is the ONLY thing they are doing ("just OCing") -- IRCC that's already been determined (courts?) that a person merely OCing is NOT a RAS to stop/question them and will only get said LEOs who DO ask to see an OCer's permit...