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    The threat of Obamacare to Wyoming, Ron Micheli, and Rita Meyer

    Ron Micheli is the only candidate willing to take on Obamacare in Wyoming! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMc8UwTQ_7c
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    Wyoming Gun Owners (WYGO Pac) Endorses Ron Micheli

    http://wygopac.org/endorsements/governor Cheyenne, WYO – WyGO PAC (Wyoming Gun Owners) is pleased to announce its endorsement of Ron Micheli for the office of Governor. WyGO PAC is the “Political Action” side of Wyoming Gun Owners, the only no-compromise gun rights organization in Wyoming. We...
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    Rita Meyer Unwilling to Fight Obamacare

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgD6XPFONuo&feature=player_embedded Rita seems to think we can trust the feds to fix the Obamacare legislation! With this attitude, you think we can trust her to stand up for our gun rights? Yeah Right!
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    Sarah Palin endorses Rita Meyer, gubernatorial candidate that flip flopped

    Sarah Palin's latest endorsement names Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Rita Meyer as her next Mama Grizzly, her official endorsement rings with “warm and fuzzy” words of praise, even calls her a straight shooter. This has infuriated many Wyoming residents… Rita Meyer’s rhetoric sounds no...
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    Louisiana OC

    imported post Howdy Folks, I grew up in Louisiana, but live in Wyoming now. I remember when I was growing up I used to carry my single six openly when I went fishing and stuff, never had any trouble. Anybody had any trouble carrying in a town?
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    Sheridan OC

    imported post Is there anybody still open carrying in Sheridan?
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    open carry in winter

    imported post Howdy Folks, Since we have had our first snow and it is still cold here in Sheridan, I was wondering if it would be considered concealed carry without a permit if you wear your gun on your belt but since it's cold you would have to wear your coat over it? I have a feeling what...