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  1. J

    Right of castle/stand your ground

    So I know that Wisconsin has the right of castle doctrine, how ever I have found on different websites that Wisconsin does, and does not have the stand your ground. Obviously with conflicting answers id like to know the correct answer or how to find the correct answer. Anyone know?
  2. J

    Nice little encounter with Ashwaubenon PD...

    While milling around town on my ZX6-R I went a little to fast past a cop I didn't see and got pulled over. Now I always go somewhere with something. On the sport bike I'm not keen on carrying my pistol. Not very secure. So I wear my KA-BAR. The sheath is a bit more secure. Went I got off the...
  3. J

    New from Green Bay.

    Hello all. As the title states im new and live in Green Bay. I've actually never "open carried". More so stick to being concealed. Going to start wearing my ka-bar around town. Is anone else here familiar with Green Bay at all? The bay park mall has a sign up that says "local ordinances unforced...