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    Carter county 2A sanctuary pettion.

    If you live in Carter co ky, here is a pettion to sign for the fiscal court. https://sign.moveon.org/petitions/make-carter-county-kentucky-a-2nd-amendment-sanctuary-county?bucket
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    House passes Red Flag,

    And some other stupid gun regulation that now goes to the Senate. Bottom line . Mitch doesn't allow a,vote those bills die. Mitch will always do what's personally best for Mitch McConnell as always. KY elects Mitch McConnell, nobody else. Call his Washington office , regularly...
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    Kentucky we need to hammer Mitch

    145 CEOs affiliated with Every town sent congress a letter demanding the passage more gun regulation UBC, and Red Flag. Bottom line if Mitch doesn't allow a vote , no additional gun regulation gets any chance to hit Trumps desk. Don't be fooled Trump WILL sign any that does. Ky elects...
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    For once ky can make a difference

    At the federal level on gun control. McConnell can , if motivated , stop any red flag or new gun regulation in the Senate from ever teaching Trumps desk. Every ky gun owner and every Kentuckian who honors the Constitution should be contacting old Mitch and reminding him in no uncertain...
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    All sheriffs in all states should do this.

    Refreshing to see some LEO that actually will honor their oath. https://news.google.com/articles/CAIiEEqBmMIzk6ngaD9PkWBrzFQqGQgEKhAIACoHCAowocv1CjCSptoCMPrTpgU?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
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    Let us please,not get caught up in National Resprosity again.

    Yes I misspelled it. On purpose. Because there is no such thing possible for the Fed to do. Any state that wants too can simply ignore and not recognize it. Fed agents are not going to be busting state cops for arresting you over not recognising your permit. Of course if you are...