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  1. Liberty-or-Death

    Question on campus carry for state college staff and faculty.

    What's the news about law/policy on campus carry for state college staff and faculty? I heard changes were afoot about the who does the decision making on that.
  2. Liberty-or-Death

    Quick MI code question about transporting an unregistered firearm

    A buddy of mine in there St. Joe county MI is planning a visit here to VA and wanted to bring his father's old revolver (inherited at his passing a few years ago) along with him for some range time here. He's reluctant because it is not registered there in his name. Could someone tell me what...
  3. Liberty-or-Death

    IdealConceal - is it fake?

    I can't believe the 380 Derringer designed to look like a smart phone, said to be released in 2016, is a real product. I have my suspicions, and I've searched the web, but have seen very little about it. Anyone else thinking this is completely bogus?
  4. Liberty-or-Death

    It's the tide turning in VA?

    http://www.chesterfieldobserver.com/news/2015-12-09/Front_Page/Trigger_Politics.html What say you?
  5. Liberty-or-Death

    SGK Gun show rules

    I saw this post on FB yesterday morning. I'm posting it, not to discuss it per se, but the cause of it. A discussion ensued of course with what the poster did wrong and what the LEO did wrong. My question here, and the point of my post, is this: "What did the Southeastern Guns & Knives do...
  6. Liberty-or-Death

    Local Firearm Ordinances

    www.dgif.virginia.gov/hunting/regulations/localordinances.asp Let the fact-checking begin.
  7. Liberty-or-Death

    Safety Conference for Places of Worship in Chesterfield County.

    From the Chesterfield County Police Facebook page: Please HELP us by sharing this information with the leaders of YOUR place of worship located in Chesterfield County. We would love to see ALL places of worship represented at our Safety Conference in August. For more information, contact our...
  8. Liberty-or-Death

    Chesterfield Observer opinion piece

    I'm interested in hearing analysis of the article and the facts and laws referenced therein. http://www.chesterfieldobserver.com/news/2015-07-01/Front_Page/Despite_call_to_disarm_abusers_still_pack_heat.html My opinion is it could have easily been written by an MDA type. I noticed they talked...
  9. Liberty-or-Death

    Quick survey on the hatred of anti's

    - -
  10. Liberty-or-Death

    If you EDC a Springfield xdm 3.8 ...

    What's your favorite OC holster and why? μολών λαβέ
  11. Liberty-or-Death

    No open carry sign at polling station

    Just thought it was interesting that they took the effort to post.
  12. Liberty-or-Death

    Eric Cantor - "A+" Rated and NRA-PVF Endorsed

    Got this in the mail today. Says nothing about Dave Brat who I guess was late in getting rated "AQ". http://www.nrapvf.org/grades-endorsements/2014/virginia.aspx μολών λαβέ
  13. Liberty-or-Death

    quick question about carrying in a vehicle

    I am driving from Virginia through Maryland and I'd like to know if I can OC/CC loaded while driving. I would search the forum but I'm busy driving (wife is posting this). :) μολών λαβέ
  14. Liberty-or-Death

    Weight of law

    A few weeks ago I visited Chesterfield Towne Center, as posted in the Richmond carry experiences thread, by entering and exiting through an anchor and visiting multiple stores through, including the food court. The mall-cop passed by a number of times, oblivious. It was a "non" event (No One...
  15. Liberty-or-Death

    I'm glad it was his taser and not his pistol.

    I know it's a sad story, but I found this too funny not to share: http://www.dailyadvance.com/news/police-man-bites-officer-shoots-him-taser-2477087 μολών λαβέ
  16. Liberty-or-Death

    SCOTUS refuses to hear "shall issue" case

    Kicking the can down the road, or just avoiding the issue altogether? http://www.tpnn.com/2014/05/06/supreme-court-refuses-to-rule-on-concealed-carry-laws/ μολών λαβέ
  17. Liberty-or-Death

    USCCA comments on "Open Carry Debate"

    Check out the video here: Into the Fray, Episode 8: The Open Carry Debate: http://youtu.be/WXOi0ZymReg Would you prefer your would-be attacker know or not know you are armed? μολών λαβέ
  18. Liberty-or-Death

    2 new apps

    These two apps have become instant favorites of mine and I just had to share. I've only just started using them and I'm interested in discussion from others. 2A Friendly: Rate businesses you frequent. iCitizen: Follow issues and legislation news, and voice your opinion. μολών λαβέ
  19. Liberty-or-Death


    "μολών λαβέ" ('Molon labe' - or - 'Come, take!') - Leonidas to Darius "Sic semper (evello mortem) tyrannus." VA State motto, translated: 'Thus always to tyrants' - or - 'By death a tyrant is deposed.' - thought to be the words of Brutus as he killed Julius Caesar "Don't tread on me." - unknown...
  20. Liberty-or-Death

    St. Joseph county OC groups?

    I'm looking for events in St. Joseph County (Sturgis, Centreville, etc.) Can anyone advise if there are any active groups out there? I'm from VA, looking for events for my MI family to connect with.