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  1. mlawson

    Now Legal to Carry in NY

    I remember before I left NY almost 4 years ago, there were a few counties working on becoming 2A sanctuaries. I believe one or two did.
  2. mlawson

    Now Legal to Carry in NY

    So, a NY resident, over 21, can now carry concealed without a permit? Obviously one has to be free of convictions/felonies etc.
  3. mlawson

    had the opportunity to catch up...

    If you are ever in southern 7 land, I'd be happy to sit and have a beer/coffee with you.
  4. mlawson

    best for you during the upcoming holidays & into the new year

    Here's to hoping Santa fills everyone's stockings chock full of ammo!
  5. mlawson

    Top 8 Reasons You Absolutely DON'T Need A Gun

    If it wasn't posted on FB, it isn't true.
  6. mlawson

    Assorted Memes

  7. mlawson

    well a quandary...

    Since when does ARRL have any say on any club/public property what people carry? Glad I'm not a member of them anymore.
  8. mlawson

    open note to admin

    Given my experiences with forum software..phpBB, vBulletin, Xenforo, I currently have active subscriptions to vBulletin and Xenforo forum software. In my experience, Xenforo(which is the software used to host this forum) is the best software to block out unwanted accounts/spammers etc. Every...
  9. mlawson

    MSP Airport carry

    Wait, TSA allows a checked firearm inside its storage box to be placed inside checked baggage? I've often wondered how a small black plastic box ever travels the inner airport bowels unaided.
  10. mlawson

    MSP Airport carry

    KB, I'm surprised there isn't any specific rules set from the TSA about cable locks etc. (give it time I suppose)
  11. mlawson

    Assorted Memes

  12. mlawson

    Assorted Memes

  13. mlawson

    Assorted Memes

    I have a few that landed me in FB jail for 2 separate 30 day periods. Can I post them here? LOL
  14. mlawson

    Is there a legal nexus between gun carry and masking?

    What's the difference if someone carries into the baggage area to pickup a flight passenger, when said passenger is going to pickup firearm from baggage area anyway? Any further argument from you is moot.
  15. mlawson

    MSP Airport carry

    Found snippet about airport security areas, but baggage claim isn't considered a 'secure' area. https://aaronhall.com/firearms-in-minnesota-prohibited-locations/
  16. mlawson

    national defense authorization act HR 4350 Sec 529 ERPO

    If it gets to that point, might as well discharge the SM. If you can't trust him/her with a firearm in govt housing/off post housing, then you can't trust them in the field with an M4/SIG even though you 'think' they don't have ammo. Hell, even 'blank' 5.56 ammo is dangerous with a cleaning rod...
  17. mlawson

    Best Self Defense Ammo?

    155mm Howitzer FTW.
  18. mlawson

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    Can't see how he's making any money off this place. AdBlock takes care of most of the ads for me.
  19. mlawson

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    This confuses me even more. I would think most forum/site owners would get involved with the members, so you know, maybe enhance the community more based on users inputs? LOL.
  20. mlawson

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    How is there no one around to 'admin' the site? These sites don't just run themselves without someone coughing up money every month. I have my own VPS and it requires constant maintenance.