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    UN to disarm America, the Plan of Action PoA, sad times !

    Here is a link to this disarmament scam. Who signed on for this ? https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/29424-us-promises-full-implementation-of-un-gun-control-agreement
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    How to restore gun right in Calif.

    Here is the only way to restore our carry rights in California. It takes local effort. They are doing it in Oregon now. We do need good Sheriffs to who remember their oaths. And dont follow unconstitutional laws against our Bill of Rights...
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    Places to shoot in ventura, ca .

    Hi all my shooting buddies, hey is there any place to go shooting in the Ventura,Ca area ? I'm down visiting my 2 daughters, and was wondering where we can go shooting. Any reply will be nice Thanks ! Robin47 :)
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    Guns in California State Parks ?

    I was just wondering what the laws are now concerning "How you can carry in california state parks". I don't have any Info on that, could some one help me out here ? I know you can LOC in National forests, but not sure what the laws are on State Parks. Robin47
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    California right to keep and bear arms.

    Here's a website that was wanting to get this in our Cal-Constitution. This is the only way we can win I believe. Get it on the ballot. Check it out and give me your opinion ! :) Robin47 www.crkba.com
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    Northern Calif, Sheriffs stand tall for the Constitution

    Hi all, I found out about this today, from a patriot friend. The new question for us would be, will they enforce AB 144 when it takes effect ? This is a long video, but its worth watching, and just might give us some hope in our OCing. Robin47 :)...
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    Questions on AB 144

    How will AB 144 work on National Forest land and BLM lands. Will those LEO's enforce this new law on pistol hunters or just OC for protection ? Any Ideas ? Robin47 :(
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    OC-ers in the Beatty area.

    Hi I was wondering if there is any OC-ers in the Beatty,Nv area ? I know there's a lot in the Pahrump area, but have been thinking of moving to the Beatty area myself. Also I did find out that the Sheriff of Nye county there, is a Constitutional Sheriff, and most likely the best in the State of...
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    Does the Fed & Constitution preempt 12031e ?

    Here is an article with court cites, dealing with mining and laws. I think with Mc Donald done now, and the violations of the e-checks 4-A. That 12031 e is already Preempted by these court cites in the firt part of this article. Read the first part, with the thinking, of no LOC, and the...
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    U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void ?

    This ruling came about on the 18th of this month. What's you views on this one guys ! http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=xprnw.20110118.CL31921&show_article=1 Robin47 :(
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    Why no 4th-A law suit, for PC12031(e) violations ?

    I'm wondering why no one has filed a lawsuit for 4-A violations concerning the PC 12031(e) ? There might have been someone who did, but I haven't been able to find it on this forum. I can't understand how a 12031 (e) can "Legally" be enforced, with out breaking your 4th-A rights and no one has...
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    California's PC 12031(e) a Remedy to Win !

    As we all know PC 12031(e) violates a persons 4th-A, the remedy is to challenge that 4th-A violation The option of Leo's is if they want to check to see if your gun is unloaded. However they must violate your 4th to do it. There is no 'Constitutional law" that gives them that right, not even PC...
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    My OC on the river, and why we carry !

    Me and the wife were spending time on the sacramento river, and I was doing some gold panning and metal detecting, there my fun hobbies. The location was a small section of BLM land, on the sac-river. No one was around, but a few cars were parked there, and I have been there before. I was...
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    Question need help on !

    The BLM has a "Prohibited Shooting" on their lands, with the exception of one location. The "Fire Season" has made this happen the last 2 years or so. Question is: Can a person LOC or only UOC, on that land at that time ? I believe UOC is legal, but the LOC, could become a problem with these...
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    Real bad news, for gun owners !

    imported post I don't know how many have heard this, but Hillery Clenton signed a small arms deal with the UN. If this goes through we cold see a lot of trouble about guns in this country. Check it out ! This could allow the rest of the world's...
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    Interpretation of Statutes & PC Codes.

    imported post I have an Idea ! We do study the PC's to learn what they really mean. However like one question, one fellow asked : " Would a Motorcycle helmet be considered masked , with intent of hiding identity" ? Now my "Idea" Is if we have questions, we should all be writting letters by...
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    Good news to read , about our rights !

    imported post Check out this article ! http://libertydefenseleague.com/liberty/2009/11/06/another-state-introduces-firearms-freedom-act/ What are your thought on it ? Robin47 :celebrate
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    The 10th Amendment Movement !

    imported post Has anyone heard of the "10th Amendment Movement" ? Im sure you have, but just wanted to get your opinion on it, concerning the gun laws in California, and the nullification of them, as to the U.S. Constitution and the rights of the citizens. Heres a site that tells about it ...
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    Might lose gun rights to the UN !

    imported post This is from a friend, who sent it to me. US to lose sovereignty to the UN. What do you think ? Robin47 http://www.britsattheirbest.com/003157.php
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    Oath-Keepers, our friends !

    imported post I came across this site and found it Interesting. Thought I would share it: http://oath-keepers.blogspot.com/ These are Vets and active Military and Police, who stand for their oath. We are NOT Alone !!! Happy reading all ! Robin47