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  1. OC for ME

    H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

    Ironic...knowing that liberals do this repeatedly...and yet they remain in office.
  2. OC for ME

    Far-right extremists descend on Richmond for gun rights rally on MLK Day as Trump tweets about attacks on the Second Amendment...

    Hmmm...what will VDCL do? How will they counter the anti-individual liberty propaganda?...if they can.
  3. OC for ME

    The Constitutional Case for “Red Flag” Laws

    Likely posted elsewhere... What the author refuses to highlight is that judges are corrupt and as such the respondant must be sure to challenge the judge as well as the ruling.
  4. OC for ME

    Heritage Foundation Collected SD Events form August 2019

    https://www.heritage.org/firearms/commentary/guns-saved-these-americans-assault-and-robbery-july Unfortunately these are just a small recounting of likely untold numbers of lawful SD events...I especially liked the AR-15 SD event.
  5. OC for ME

    Drunk drivers more likely to commit violent gun crimes in California, study finds

    Hmm...folks who would violate the traffic laws without a second thought as to the consequences of violating traffic laws are more prone to violate the laws...sooo...it is the guns fault you drove drunk...oh-kayee...
  6. OC for ME

    White House considers new project seeking links between mental health and violent behavior

    Hmmm...not so smart idea to have smart devices in your home, on your wrist, in your vehicle...
  7. OC for ME

    St. Louis congressman pushes bill to allow cities to pass their own gun laws

    Clearly unconstitutional. ...ya never know how SCOTUS judges Roberts, Kavanaugh and possibly Gorsuch would vote.
  8. OC for ME

    FAKE NEWS!!!

    Aren't most folks too stoned to get into fights in CO?
  9. OC for ME

    Deputies responding to a 911 call for a "burglary in progress" at an Oregon woman’s home ...

    I like it...breached the door...bathroom door. :rolleyes: Loony lib snowflake in residence.
  10. OC for ME

    Lifetime and Extended CCW permits not available per RSMo 571.205 from SCCPD

    Sent St Charles County PD a email regarding lifetime and extended CCW permits and SCCPD compliance with RSMo 571.205. Below is the response from the SCCPD and my questions to my senator and house rep. Unfortunate that the SCCPD requires a non-governmental organization to provide the resources to...
  11. OC for ME

    Flipping off cop is free speech, court says

    A wee bit of insight on that pesky "clearly established" thingy. Also, what of the "ploughing" alegation? Dash-cam video?
  12. OC for ME

    John Roberts is voting with liberal justices, but he's not one of them

    Well now, here we are, protecting the court's reputation vs. restoring individual liberty as is explicitly stated in numerous amendments to the US Constitution. This mindset is exactly why the 2A is a second tier, (third tier?) guarantee.
  13. OC for ME

    Granger boy reportedly shot dad, a state trooper, with service weapon over video games

    Thia thread is not about the incident. It is about a statutory requirement to lock our guns up. Should the cop be held to account for not adequately securing his duty sidearm.
  14. OC for ME

    Pevely police chief resigns following allegations of domestic violence

    There is a great many things wrong with this outcome. If there is any doubt as to the length the state will go thought to protect their own, this should remove all doubt....at least in Missouri. Apparently, credible information to issue charges, yet the local prosecutor declines to issue...
  15. OC for ME

    Concealed weapons would be allowed in public buildings in Missouri under proposal

    Contact your reps and voice your support for this (these) legislative initiatives.
  16. OC for ME

    In America, talk turns to something unspoken for 150 years: Civil war

    Last paragraph. I'm confident that Mr. Soltz has a firearm or two...just un case. Trust a liberal..HAH!!
  17. OC for ME

    Pew: Phone polling in crisis again

    The irony is thick. Moving to on-line...now what could go wrong with that? The American Trends Panel...woo hoo! PEW should transition to conducting consumer research and drop politics all together. They, along with just about every pollster on the planet, missed a huge American Trend last...
  18. OC for ME

    Do Red Flag Laws Save Lives or Reduce Crime?

    These laws are not about protecting anyone, but about gun confiscation w/o due process, as the term has been traditionally used until about four or five years ago. Good read.
  19. OC for ME

    Report: Home Assistants with ‘Moral AI’ Could Call Police on Owners

    The thread title is the FUQ. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/02/25/report-home-assistants-with-moral-ai-could-call-police-on-owners/ Britain will implement this first. Liberals here at home will love this.