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  1. Kingfish

    Overland Park approves 'Open Carry' gun ordinance

  2. Kingfish

    without legal authority

    18-9-118. Firearms, explosives, or incendiary devices in facilities of public transportation. 18-9-115 (3) "Public conveyance" includes a train, airplane, bus, truck, car, boat, tramway, gondola, lift, elevator, escalator, or other device intended, designed, adapted, and used for the public...
  3. Kingfish

    First time OCing?

    Several years ago there used to be a tradition of someone OCing for the first time to go to Walmart and get some nachos. Well, no Walmart I know of has nachos any longer so I have spotted an alternative. The Buford Highway Farmers Market has nachos and seems at least OC neutral. I OC there...
  4. Kingfish

    Home brewing

    Thought I would start a home brewing thread. I have been brewing beer for about a year and enjoy it very much. I have 12 batches under my belt so far. I normally make IPAs and some heavier beers. Of course I keep it all to the 6%ABV limit as specified by Georgia law. I started out with an...
  5. Kingfish

    Huff Post - Colorado Gun Bill Clears Committee With Bipartisan Support

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/25/colorado-gun-bill-clears-_n_828300.html I am not sure where this comes from though...
  6. Kingfish

    NC trip

    We are coming to NC next weekend for a day trip from Atalanta. I have done my research and wanted to make sure I have everything right. No carry in an establishment that serves alcohol. No carry in any park (car carry is ok?) Must notify LEO. Any place posted No Firearms. Banks (unless OC?)...
  7. Kingfish

    Appropriate attire to OC

    I have heard many times that one needs to have a "neat" and "clean cut" appearance if they are going to OC. I call BS on this. It is my personal experience that choise of appearance has ZERO to do with if someone will be treated poorly while OCing....One might be treated better if clean shaven...
  8. Kingfish

    Just recieved my permit

    Well, it took a while but permit finally arrived yesterday. Applied - May 17th Fingerprinted - Jun 17th Issue date - Aug 16th Received - Aug 21st 96 Days or 13 Weeks 5 Days Pretty standard time line for Dekalb County. I now live in Forsyth county and will be OCing most everywhere I go.
  9. Kingfish

    Do you open carry "loaded"?

    Inspired by a statement in a recent post and not finding a poll about carrying loaded I thought I would strike up the "loaded" verses "unloaded" OC debate. Edit: Since this has been moved I guess I need to add... This is assuming it is legal to carry with a round chambered.
  10. Kingfish

    My unlicenced open carry Colorado trip.

    imported post We arrived in Colorado about noon on Sunday. Came in through Kansas on I70. Got to the welcome center/rest area and I put on the paddle holster, loaded my Taurus 24/7 and put it on my hip. We drove on into Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. Here is the list of places I have...
  11. Kingfish

    HCP still valid if no longer a resident?

    imported post I left Tennessee a couple years ago and currently live in Atlanta (don't have my GA permit yet.) My HCP has not expired and I am wondering if it is still valid. I am not concerned with carrying in Tennessee and I know it is not valid for Georgia carry. I am concerned with car...
  12. Kingfish

    How to get an "unlimited license"

    imported post So, does anyone have or know the process for obtaining an "unlimited license" pistol licence in Lee County? Or anywhere else for that matter. I am really worried about getting one of the sheriffs "qualified" permits with all of it's restrictions. Section 13A-11-75 The sheriff of...
  13. Kingfish

    First real OC encounter

    imported post Although not the first person to ask about my gun or make a comment (although have yet to have a negative comment) I thought this was worth retelling. So, I am in Wal-Mart with the wife doing the usual shopping. The wife and I separate, she goes towards the groceries and I went...
  14. Kingfish

    Moving to Alabama (Auburn)

    imported post So, my wife is getting her advanced degree from Auburn University. We will be moving down there for at least 2.5 years. So, here are a few questions: 1) Is there a county close to Lee county that allows open carry? I know it is absolutely legal in Alabama to OC but I also know...
  15. Kingfish

    Thoughts... Uncle Mike's Sidekick Ambidextrous Hip

    imported post I have a great UBG IWB holster for my Taurus 24/7 and it works great. I will be getting a UBG pancake down the road, but for now. What I need: 1) Car carry - Can use the clip to mount the holster. 2) Running into the gas station on the way home from work. 3) Occasional OC. 4)...