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    This is interesting

    Sorry for posting this!! It was false!!
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    State Parks

    imported post I live in Maine but will be in Jefferson NH the weekend of the 5th. I have a CCP for NH but i prefere OC when possible. Was wondering if some one could point me in the right direction concerning carry in and around the White Mountain region. Thanks alot everyone.
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    Title 25: Internal and Public Safety

    imported post SO i was looking thru the http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/statutes/25/title25ch0sec0.html at the laws concerning weapons and i noticed alot are marked REPEALED. looking for any insight as to what happend here. can someone help?
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    imported post if you dont have a ccp yet better get one before obama makes it illegal and craps all over our 2nd amendment.
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    NRA at Kittery Trading Post

    imported post well i went to the kittery trading post this evening to see Wayne LaPeirre and get him to sign my copy of his new book. I had read in couple places that open carrying into KTP was acceptable, i even carried in there earlier this morning when i was picking up a few things. At any...
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    Just joining OpenCarry.org

    imported post Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself to to all of you on this forum. I'm 25 and i live in York, Maine. I have just started to open carry this year and I am very grateful to have found this forum. Wanted to say thank you for all the information posted on here. I was...