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Recent content by MSG Laigaie

  1. MSG Laigaie

    What Would You Say to Someone Who Freaks Out at the Sight of a Gun?

    Old thread, new situation. At the last Town Council meeting the Librarian gave her report. On her agenda was the Libraries recommendation to BAN Open Carry in the Library ( a few have complained). We have requested her to come back and justify this attempt. The fact that almost sixty three...
  2. MSG Laigaie

    I am writing this because I am tired of seeing your spam

    I am writing this because I am tired of seeing your spam
  3. MSG Laigaie

    Got the traveling bug...

    I don't travel much anymore. I live in paradise and can't think of anywhere else to go that would be better.
  4. MSG Laigaie

    A public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

    And, YES, I was Open Carrying an appropriate pistol as I did it.
  5. MSG Laigaie

    A public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

    On 4 JULY 2021, In Philipsburg Montana. In the most Patriotic State in the USA, the Declaration was read in public. This should be done in every town, in every State in the Union, every Independence Day.
  6. MSG Laigaie

    Local Sam's Club 'leave OC firearm in the car' upon entrance?

    Yeppers, my walmart, in Butte, has a "no firearms" sign. I have walked past it many times with my 1911 on my hip. No comments from anyone. Corporate may require it, but Montana ignores it
  7. MSG Laigaie

    Philipsburg Town Council

    Well the "threat of physical violence" was immediately followed by an "act of physical violence" as I grabbed him by the throat. The timing of that act was proper not only in my opinion, but that of the Montana Code Annotated and the Attorney General. I did meet with the AG and I was...
  8. MSG Laigaie

    Philipsburg Town Council

    I will be visiting with the AG today. Hopefully he is just uninformed as to the circumstances. It will either be over today or we shall be getting difficult.
  9. MSG Laigaie

    Philipsburg Town Council

    Color of Law, the comment he seems to dislike is when I said, "Let go or I'll cut you".
  10. MSG Laigaie

    Philipsburg Town Council

    Well, a new development. The "adversary" and I both want to drop this. The AG wants to hold a "deferred prosecution" over MY head, for a YEAR for my comments. He has not yet contacted me with this information. This will not happen. I will not tolerate being accused of assault when I was...
  11. MSG Laigaie

    Philipsburg Town Council

    His history is a thirty year career with detroit pee dee. Now I understand. I found this attitude in the south, the "only LEOs and Military should have firearms". I have not seen a lot of it in northern cities because I stay out of them. NEWS FLASH. I just got a call from the Mayor and my...
  12. MSG Laigaie

    Philipsburg Town Council

    Investigation is ongoing. I must be quiet now.
  13. MSG Laigaie

    Philipsburg Town Council

    Well, well, well. I have had my first "incident" in Montana. He has been an adversary ever since I first started attending Council meetings. Yes, I do wear a well holstered 1911 while I attend Council meetings with full, FULL support of the other Council members and the Mayor. I will...
  14. MSG Laigaie

    Send a message to bidens ATF

    Hammer I cannot "tell you" what to think or what to feel. My comment was not "snippy", I was encouraging you to read it and make your own decision. I am not going to tell anyone how or what to think. If you ask what our individual thoughts are that is different, if you think I am wasting your...