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Recent content by adk_mechetech

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    An article from RT.com "Americans: Don't give up your guns"

    A concise and to the point regarding firearms in the US. Not exactly a story I expected to see on RT, but I think it pretty accurately represents the facts. The irony was obvious: a coterie of privileged millionaires protected from the unwashed masses whom they manipulate for their...
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    Tapatalk ads.

    I realize OCDO probably has little control over the ads that are shown on Tapatalk. I just found it quite funny that I just saw an ad Uber looking for drivers at the bottom of a post. I'm fairly certain they were never did reverse there decision to disallow their drivers to carry while working.
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    Convince me not to buy this hand cannon....

    I stopped by the LGS on Saturday with the intention of practicing a bit, but the place was absolutely mobbed. I ended up just wandering around for an hour looking at the used section and some of the other stuff I hadn't seen before. I found THREE of these in their "used" case with the bands...
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    Received my non-resident permit with a letter.

    As the title says, I just got my non-Resident UT permit today in the mail. This is just over 3 weeks since my payment was processed. My question is regarding the FBI background check and fingerprints. The letter says that the permit they issued is contingent on the background check and...
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    CT Open Carry Report

    I'm certainly a newcomer and I only recently started to open carry, but I thought it would be nice to have an OC report thread like some of the other state forums. I realize CT is an OC state, but obviously there are always businesses and locations that can be touchy. In the few weeks I have...
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    Lawyer Recommendation

    So I am seriously thinking about making the move to OC 100% of the time and I feel like I should speak to a good lawyer and have them on a retainer. So far I have been carrying concealed, although I don't make a huge attempt to hide it besides throwing my shirt over my OWB holster. Anyone...
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    Ruger P91

    A coworker mentioned to me today that he has a NIB Ruger P series gun but couldn't remember what it was. He knows it's 40 S&W and i'm pretty sure it is a P91 based on when he said he bought it. It's never been fired or even carried. I realize this isn't an ideal carry piece but as with cars and...
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    Applying in CT with some legal questions

    As the title states i've got some questions for my first post. I'll try to keep this brief and include all the facts as best I can. I am now 29 and was arrested in NY when I was 18 for some stupid choices, 10 years ago now. I won't go into detail, but it was 2 felony and 3 misdemeanors. My...